Cuban Lady


When I found this photo it was so clear to me who this picture was for : my beloved. 
Francisco was born in Cuba and this very LARGE photo is called : CUBAN LADY. 
 When I saw it I did not know, but I immediately thought of Francisco. 
I wanted him to have it. So I thought I would take it on the train down to where we live outside of Lund. Hmm.... not such a good idea. This photo is almost as tall as I am. Decided to pick it up at the Malmö location of Bo Concept instead. 

Francisco finally got the Cuban Landy and liked her. All was well.
We decided to give her a good place in our Stable. But she is a large lady and we found no real good space. Upstairs is all slanting attic walls so no good for pictures really. So we came up with the thought of making the Cuban lady the front of our hallway closet. Under her is a shoe shelf and behind her wonderful smile you can hang jackets and store gloves and scarves. 
Her smile makes us smile. We are even thinking of using the colors of the flowers in her hair for the rest of the Stable interiors. Now that would be something for a Cuban Lady.


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