Boon in the city

The adress is 404 Park Avenue South that means East 28th Street  if your hailing a cab
Not easy to guess who the designer is by looking at the house. 

 On the roofterrace of the building you definately see signs of the designer

 There is even a art decorated childrens play room in this building.

Your living room could look like this if you would buy one of the renovated apartments in this neo classical building from 1917. 

The luxury condominiums go by the name HUYS 
which derrives from the dutch word HUIS that means house. 
In swedish the word for house is HUS. 
You see!  -Dutch and Swedish have a lot in common. In spelling that is. No so much in pronounciation

So, have you guessed who the designer is that has created HUYS on 404 Park Avenue South ? It´s Piet Boon. I have always wanted those chunky wooden out door chairs ever since I saw them for the first time a couple of years ago. I would go for a Piet Boon design apartment in the big Apple anytime would you? 

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