Hallway heaven



There was nothing majorly wrong with this hallway apart from the fact that there was almost no
space to hang or store clothes and shoes....
The doors I like a lot, but...not to have as your bathroom,  washing room and guestroom door. Glass doors do not provide so much privacy (Painted them later black and used them upstairs) 
Color scheme wise in my book this is what you do when you have no tools to do anything else...


The higher ceiling really made a big difference and the fact that we stole some floor space from the guest room in favor of the hallway made a big difference. Just enough space to fit the locker cabinet that can fit all the clothes this hallway need. The wodden floor was painted a light grey shade that also frame the doors. B=Bathroom/Badrum in swedish, T=Tvättrum/Washingroom in english, G=Gästrum/Guestroom in Swedish.

There are so many ways of storing shoes. This is my way.

A noticeboard as well as a lamp from  Norwegian design company Northern Lighting makes it more fun when drawn this creatively by friend and photographer Jessika Jarl

Displaying what I like (then change it when I find something new...)

One flower in one vase can never go wrong. 

All after pics shot by www.permagnuspersson.com