Bangkok revisited

A  picture at a cleaning cart, hm....

Had a wonderful dinner outside of Bangkok on an almost floating restaurant. Lovely

A small but VERY green mall I like on Sukhumvit road not far from our hotel

Really like the interiors and the choices made for this café placed in a huge mall in a very open space. Especially like the decorated half wall for the framing and the large floorlamps, they lower the ceiling height with a very cosy effectivity.

Do not miss the Jatuchak market when in Bangkok - here are some memories in pictures.

Ever tasted a lotus?

Popsicle anyone?

Going through pictures from my trip to Thailand in December I found all of these from Bangkok I forgot to put on the blog.

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khachsan sa...

I found your design very nice!
It is similar to the hotel buildings we have designed you can see here