House on the beach

We are staying at a house on the beach close to Hua Hin that is rented out by friends. 

The house is in two floors and has a big roof terrace and lush greenery surrounding it.

Love the outdoor shower pillar in stone. 
Great tip for everyone with a garden. Build your own outdoor shower in the look you want.

It has been raining a lot, but not when I took the pictures of the pool. I went for many laps these past days and I must tell you it´s wonderful to go swimming when it´s raining. Do try it if you never did.

The view of the ocean from the back of the house. We are having a lot of clouds and rain right now, but it makes it very dramatic.  

Starting to loose the jet lag and get into the Thai tempo. Last night I slept really well with the sound of the ocean and the rain pitter patter on the roof. 

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Not really...but, I do love seashells. 
Here the whole beach is full of them. 
You just have your pick.

This is such a wonderful place, I would have loved to share this with my beloved.   

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