Reality check

So.... this is what the kitchen looks like today in the apt I was so proud to present the other day as my new 1939 project. As you can see...Not so sexy. Pretty small and squeezed into a corner kind of kitchen with birch fronts and a  plastic counter. I do like the gas stove in black! Happy about that. Will also keep the oven. 

Will recycle some of the cabinets. The side with the fridge and freezer looks the same. Will keep those, since they are not old and will paint the kitchen cabinets. Some will be black and some white. 
Will get back to that! 

This is THE ROOM. 
Meaning this will be the livingroom, the bedroom and the whateveryouwant room. 
Love the fireplace with the typical Kolmårdsmarmor stone on top of the fireplace. 

Now - the big thing will be checking what the flooring is like underneath the terrible fake wooden floor.

Soooooo curious to see what there is!!

Can you see the oak on top underneath and the fake light wooden floor ?

There is OAK! OLD beautiful oak parquet flooring. This is in the livingroom. 

The big Q is ....what is in the kitchen and former very small dining room.... ? 

Well....turns out however wonderful the oak parquet was....there is concrete that is old and withered in almost half of the apt....

So my choice will be to put a new real simple and good pine flooring and paint it white. This small apt of 39 sqm will be a base of very white. Thats how Im thinking now anyway. Might change my mind tomorrow. 

Wish I could have kept the old flooring, but the different levels and the old concrete floor that is not possible to use in mind....I just have to come up with something new. 
Do you like old oak parquet?

Check out the  original 1939 layout of the apt on 10 of Feb so you have a clue on what´s going on. 

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