Svenskt Tenn upgrade

The Egyptian hand mirror was not produced until now in its true form. It was first made as a candle holder in 1928. Designed by Edwin Öhrström.
Estrid Ericson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 and now its been upgraded 2011 in the best way possible. It´s a must see for design lovers.

The exhibition at the store is a must see, must feel, must have type of display.

Estrid Ericsons old workspace has been been kept prestinely. She saved all newspaper clips on a roomdivider.

Estrids drawers were filled of semiprecious stones and simple and valuble gems. All collected to create.

Estrid Ericson loved tea, so now Svenskt Tenn has a tasteful Tea Saloon.

Love the Per Öberg coffeytable.LOVE.

Estrid Ericson´s studio where she and Josef Frank created design history together for Svenskt Tenn.

Flower arrangements made by Designerflorist Peter Odegaard

Svensk Tenn shines a beautiful light on history and upgrades with style to the future.

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Anonym sa...

I love their website:)

Anonym sa...

Hela sista meningen är en länk till Svenskt Tenn :)