Bedroom in the kitchen

Photo by Cecilia Näsström

Linen sheets from Jimmy Schönning HEM and my favorite Au Maison pillow with numbers along with linen pillows and my IKEA carpet turned pillow in a map pattern ( made many years ago - still loved by me ;)

Photo by Cecilia Näsström

The top left kitchen cabinets were left to make smart bedroom storage and also to hide the gasmeter.Two open shelves were built to make it complete. The floor was relieved from its plastic carpet and the plain wooden floor found underneath was painted white.
Loving my simpel solution to lighting which I used all thru the apt, a black textile cord holding a porcelain lamp cap with a large bulb. Simple is beautiful. Less will always be more after all.

A bed with storage was built with wood and Ikea kitchen cabinets under the bed along with a wooden headboard with a built in shelf.

The 35 sq m 1 room apt was first stripped of the kitchen which we saved and moved to the "big" hallway.

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