S U S P E N D E D | living

Drop shaped hanging chair from Broste Copenhagen

Circular hanging sensation from www.hamaca.se called Globo

My own beloved Renoir Swing from Danish Sika Design

Did you know that chairs hang better from the ceiling. Sitting in a hanging chair is a feeling of something that if you never tried you do not know the sensation. Since I have one at home I start every morning here. When I pick up my legs and feel the elevated feeling is sets the mood for my day. Did I say i love it ?

Seen from our second floor at the converted stable that I call my home.

Not only chairs can fly, or hang from the ceiling. Beds or bed/sofa or sofa-beds can as well. We had help of the talented Erik Hjärtfors/Lövsjö Loghouse that delivered (as always) the most amazing old timber and built the hanging bed/sofa of my dreams. We use as a sofa and hang out place in the living room and when we have guests its a perfect bed. Wanted to do this for such a long time I´m so happy we finally did, it has become such a favorite hang out. Suspended is a way of living. 

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