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Ellen Cronholm graphic prints, of the via internet collected remains of the brutally bombed Syrian cultural heritage historic city of Palmyra
In Stockholm for some private consultations interior wise. One of the family homes I´m working with is close to Edsvik Konst/ART Hall. So happy I finally took the opportunity to see the art exhibit. Here are some of my favorites

HÖST av Woo -Book Lee

Blue skies and a very colorful peaceful place/Edsviken Konst/Art hall.

Joanne Grüne Yanoff has created Hive Drawings that you see a close up of above and also see below

Obstacles by Jill Höjeberg

Close up photo of Everything thing is here by Joanne Grüne-Yanoff which is written in metal wire.

Driving back in to the center I pass a favorite plant haven Ulrikdals slottsträdgård

Last night in Sthlm this time, offered a great view and a coctail at Scandic Continental. I try to see both work clients and have meetings and naturally meet my friends.

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