B A T H | room milan 2016

A Milan back yard, one of the many that look so incredible, to get you in to the right Milan mood. Come along with me!


Just next to Boffi in the cosy Brera district in Milano, Salvatori is showing these big slabs of marble bathroom sinks that I just go for completely. Off course it was during the Milano Design weeks in April. Since marble now is everywhere why not let it take over the bathroom?

Bathroom, Boffi.
The bathroom trend is including new material feel,like copper as splash back instead of tiles and the wood looking tiles (tromp l´oeil effect)  and in this bathroom it looks attractive in my opinion. 

The metal wire lamp is also seen in many versions in living rooms as well as in bathrooms.
The bathroom trend is going toward a more living room type of interior sense. The trend is to bring in more typical living room objects and not only water proof perfect pieces to brake up the sterile feeling a tile covered room can get. 


A longing for more of living room type of lighting to make the bathroom more like the living room, this seen at Boffi Bath

Boffi marble/metal sink that I adore.

Small,smart and wall hung, Varenna

Diesel/Successful living black marble tabletop/sink. Copper splash back.

Successful Living from Diesel bath with a big green influence

Bathroom with a living room feel. The dream bathroom that has all the space you always wanted.

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