G R E E N | rooms

To enter

To enjoy

To relax

To grow

A nursery garden/plantskola like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. 

Not only does this favorite place of mine always have all the plants I would ever need for my garden, but they supply so much inspo that I feel like I have traveled to the most amazing  secret gardens of the worlds and been filled with ideas. 

Here rooms are created. Green rooms. Outside/inside or inbetween does not matter. A space is created for different purposes or needs. Plants are used for this creation along with anything else that the green room needs. For me this is an art form. 

In other words : I adore this place. Since it is close to me I can go frequently. See it for you self at www.plantis.org 
and when you can. Go there!

Last year it looked like this here at my fav spot. See my blog post from last year.

To reflect

To dream

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