K I T C H E N | conclusions Milano -16

Now it feels like my hoods have reached about the same summer bloom that Milano had when I was there for the design week almost a month ago.

Looking at the kitchens that had something new to bring to the pot at Euro Cucina 2016 in Milan. Love this concrete stove&sink island and the way the lamp cord was hung.  

The very  thin metal shelving hung like they are flying (propped on a back board) is a new kithen storage and deco trend that I really go for. The stone/marble in contrasting, patterned surfaces is such a step in new direction. Open shelving with wooden boxes warming up the metal and stone. 

Textured and  patterned stone. All in one. Splashback, sink and front. All the same material.

Tables hung from the kitchen top. Mobile and set versions. Two legged tables added to the worktop.

Useful splash back surface. Storage. Clever shelving. New materials. USABLE being the key word.

IF you find a lab kitchen like in the old days, it has a large metal shelving filled with gooodies (cacti!!!?) on top.

Cleverspecial made storage shelving.LOVE! More brown&black wood than anything else.

ECLECTIC feel goes around. When you place a new kitchen in you home you decorate with worn&wonderful, soulful and partly useful objects with patina.

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