Tired of tents? The answer for me being I  never really enjoyed tents for more than one night... 

Is having a quality hotel room miles from the event a hassle? - This is for sure a problem when arranging events. Or how about having that wedding on the remote beach - now you can just rent : Snoozebox is the answer!
Snoozebox is a unique and innovative portable hotel providing luxury ‘on-site’ accommodation at major events and festivals across the UK and Europe.
Offering flexible configurations and room availability, Snoozebox can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within days of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. 

- I must say that this is one of the best ideas I have seen being brought to life. Clever, cool and love the design solutions. See for your self : 

4 real beds in a small space. Sleep being the operative word here.

 BATHROOMS!!! - and with style I must add.


 Who wood say no to this bed ?

 Smart, cool and design with style. 

A hotel that you move where ever you are. LOVE it!!

/ Jimmy


10 Corso Como

Everybody knows that Milano has a cathedral that one should see when visiting. It is amazing and you should definitely go inside and see this second largest church in the world with room for over 40 000 people. What you might not know of is one of my favorite spots in Milano,  10 Corso Como. 

Naturally you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at 10 Corso Como. 

1990, September: Carla Sozzani
former fashion editor and publisher, opens Galleria Carla Sozzani
for photography, art and design in a converted garage at n° 10 corso Como in Milano.
The Galleria Carla Sozzani is gradually joined by a Bookshop and a garden cafè.
A year later in 1991, September: 10 Corso Como opens its doors. Named after the street address,
the industrial building is designed by American artist Kris Ruhs who also creates
the black and white logo that will become an icon of global style. 

A radical new union of culture and commerce, 10 Corso Como promotes slow shopping
through a succession of spaces and events that reflect lifestyle over object acquisition.
Sociologist Francesco Morace coins the word "concept shop"
to explain this marketing phenomena. 10 Corso Como becomes the nexus of a global network
of cultures and exchanges through fashion, food, art, design and photography that galvanizes
marketing through the 1990’s and sets the vocabulary for international style into the 21st Century.

Love the wrapping paper at 10 Corso Como

Clothes, shoes, exhibits of all kinds along with table ware, furniture, art and food and...

Kris Ruhs exhibit on the top floor is a man made flower installation. 

A plate for every type of personality

....including Picasso plates that I fell for.

Every square centimeter is used for telling a story of art or exhibit clothes or interiors.

One of the exhibits at 10 Corso Come showed the tiles created from Keith Haring´s art expression.

Maison Margielas deconstructed trainer is a top favorite this season. Should off course be worn with black tie for best result!

With this rubber surface Luis Leeman sharing the top position. Got my eye on this fast rising designer star.

A tendency that is winning ground is this type of accidental pointilism that this Maison Margiela shoe shows of. Looks more like you spilled when painting your ceiling at home. 

Aparently this is how Francisco looks like when shopping at 10 Corso Como

In the backyard you overlook this amazing facade that by itself is worth the visit in my opinion.

Duomo di Milano built 1300-1800 and is still buing built on...


Potted P L A N T wall

  Hoby Mosse house&stable from afar.

We wanted to make this divide wooden wall come alive with some plants and this is how it turned out. Francisco came up with the idea and went to work.

A heavy rain came down just after we planted and hung all the pots. 

This is how nice a plain terracotta pot can look hanging. 

All you need is a terracotta pot  and the plate for it and some chicken wire that you wrap around it and over the top.

Use the pot you have you did not know what to do with. 

Terry was a great help.

Using what you have at home, well maybe you have to get chicken wire,you can make your own plant wall. You can attach a piece of wood in the back to make it not hang at an angle. The chicken wire lets you hang the pot easily on a good hook screwed to the wooden surface. 

Are you going to try ? 
Will let you know how the plants turn out here this summer. 

/ Jimmy 


G A R D E N days Liseberg

Miss P and the other dogs + Missi (our cat) had friends for company at the Stable and we left for Gothenburg or to be precise - Liseberg.

 The Garden days at Liseberg was our goal and we came just at the right time to judge by this amazing Magnolia.

 Must say that the theme park Liseberg was really prepared for the event with flowers and trees in perfect bloom. The gardiners at Liseberg and all involved should be very proud of what they achieved.

 Sarah Widman trend exhibit at Liseberg Garden days

 Wallpaper that imitates green vegetation as well as greens in pots collected in a still life with lighting set like an early spring morning.

Cutting edge furn. 

Cacti and fig.Playwood boxes for pots and a black backdrop draw attention.I love the look!

 Above and below you see Sarah Widman´s interpretation of four garden trends which were explained as ....(can you pick the trend ?)

  • Nordic Graphic
  • Boho Garden 
  • Urban Greenery
  • Remake 
 What Sarah Widman presented on the main stage at Liseberg was the backbone of the Garden Days at Liseberg. 

Apart from the gardeing effort from the park itself it was the Sarah Widman exhibit that was the inspiration of the event.

Sarah Widman greenhouse in black with a dinner table and benches and plenty of cacti. 

Shaker style hanger along the wall with the extremely popular wooden cutting boards that has invaded all interioristas that do styling jobs. 

 To build a seating and/or table around a tree is a great ideá and inspiration. Have been wanting to do that around my own apple tree in the garden. Maybe this summer it will materialize...

Great companions makes for a great day. Thank you Mother and Francisco for  a rainy but wonderful evening at Liseberg. We went to see Alcazar afterwards doing their Disco Defenders show at Rondo. That was showstopper filled show. Do not miss it!!

/ Jimmy


M I L A N E S E | lightness of being around

To sit on Vincent Van Googh is now made possible in the most deligthful way, 
thanks to Dutch NLXL 
Stool designed by Piet Hein Eek that we will see a lot of. Like the use of images that is normally what NLXL does to wallpaper, but this time to furniture.

Getting lost in Milano can end up in the most wonderful way. Love this entrance!
Just had to take a picture.

This is velvet entered into cement. Just love it! What do you think ?

This armature is to my liking.A Moooi fixture that sadly costs more than 3000 €.

Love the usefulness of the table and several light sources.

NLXL really stayed with me. This wallpaper with it´s 3D effect 
of enlarged bone ware spoons I just want to find the right place imidiately!

When you hear Grey Pants you probably do not think of lighting.

 But apparently you should. These cardbord (YES!) fixtures done in the most alluring sensual forms not only are beautiful lamps, they are produced out of recycled cardboard and made with thought of every part of the process. Read more at Grey Pants.

In Sweden find Grey Pants lighting at Form12Brands

IMPORTANT to get is that these lamps are not something that feels like you use and discard. The cardboard is treated and they will last just like the design.
Really have fallen for this cardboard style of light and shadow that they create. Lovely!  



 Francisco posing under the enormous chandelier at the fairgrounds at Rho Fiera exhibit of Italamp

April 14-19, 2015 - just a few weeks ago Milan once again hosted the week of furniture and lighting trends.  
So much is shown in this little time that you are overwhelmed completely. 

This LED table that looks like a jellyfish swimming upwards could be controlled from a remote and was part of the  Lambrate exhibits. 

I really enjoy both the fairground exhibit as well as the design schools and the part of Milano that is Lambrate that holds the more creative and new thoughts on design. Sadly Zona Tortona wich is the area that used to be so vibrant has really lost it - but some exhibits there were well worth the trip, like Dutch Moooi. 

 This lamp from Jan&Henry was shown at always so cosy Rossana Orlandi that is a must on a Milano design week trip. Below is a table version as well. Really like the cool clumsiness of the wood and the bulb together.

 I will show you a lot from Moooi from the design week,  and if you look at my #jimmyschonninghem at Instagram you  have understood that I really enjoyed the exhibit at Zona Tortona. 

The red pendant light stayed with me and still does. Matched with the red in the carpets. 

Will be back with more Milano Design week favorites. 

 / Jimmy