R H S | chelsea flower show

The ticket has arrived and tomorrow for the first time ever I am going to go to Chelsea Flower Show in London. Even the ticket is in bloom! For me plants&greens are the way to make indoors and outdoors come alive. 

So happy to finally get to see the best of the best green rooms of the world in one place and with the company of my mother who is Madame Garden herself, what a treat.
Will tell you all about it when the weekend comes. 



B A T H | room milan 2016

A Milan back yard, one of the many that look so incredible, to get you in to the right Milan mood. Come along with me!


Just next to Boffi in the cosy Brera district in Milano, Salvador is showing these big slabs of marble bathroom sinks that I just go for completely. Off course it was during the Milano Design weeks in April. Since marble now is everywhere why not let it take over the bathroom?

Bathroom, Boffi.
The bathroom trend is including new material feel,like copper as splash back instead of tiles and the wood looking tiles (tromp l´oeil effect)  and in this bathroom it looks attractive in my opinion. 

The metal wire lamp is also seen in many versions in living rooms as well as in bathrooms.
The bathroom trend is going toward a more living room type of interior sense. The trend is to bring in more typical living room objects and not only water proof perfect pieces to brake up the sterile feeling a tile covered room can get. 


A longing for more of living room type of lighting to make the bathroom more like the living room, this seen at Boffi Bath

Boffi marble/metal sink that I adore.

Small,smart and wall hung, Varenna

Diesel/Successful living black marble tabletop/sink. Copper splash back.

Successful Living from Diesel bath with a big green influence

Bathroom with a living room feel. The dream bathroom that have all the space you always wanted.


G R E E N | rooms

To enter

To enjoy

To relax

To grow

A nursery garden/plantskola like nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. 

Not only does this favorite place of mine always have all the plants I would ever need for my garden, but they supply so much inspo that I feel like I have traveled to the most amazing  secret gardens of the worlds and been filled with ideas. 

Here rooms are created. Green rooms. Outside/inside or inbetween does not matter. A space is created for different purposes or needs. Plants are used for this creation along with anything else that the green room needs. For me this is an art form. 

In other words : I adore this place. Since it is close to me I can go frequently. See it for you self at www.plantis.org 
and when you can. Go there!

Last year it looked like this here at my fav spot. See my blog post from last year.

To reflect

To dream


S T H L M | sights&sounds

Ellen Cronholm graphic prints, of the via internet collected remains of the brutally bombed Syrian cultural heritage historic city of Palmyra
In Stockholm for some private consultations interior wise. One of the family homes I´m working with is close to Edsvik Konst/ART Hall. So happy I finally took the opportunity to see the art exhibit. Here are some of my favorites

HÖST av Woo -Book Lee

Blue skies and a very colorful peaceful place/Edsviken Konst/Art hall.

Joanne Grüne Yanoff has created Hive Drawings that you see a close up of above and also see below

Obstacles by Jill Höjeberg

Close up photo of Everything thing is here by Joanne Grüne-Yanoff which is written in metal wire.

Driving back in to the center I pass a favorite plant haven Ulrikdals slottsträdgård

Last night in Sthlm this time, offered a great view and a coctail at Scandic Continental. I try to see both work clients and have meetings and naturally meet my friends.


C P H | showroom AW 16/17

Copenhagen harbour side

Today I´m on my way up to Stockholm for  meetings and  interior work for two private homes, but Saturday I went to Copenhagen. I stopped by in the new part of town by the harbour that is growing larger every time I go by.

Invited to see the AW 16-17 collection and news for Danish interior brand Lene Bjerrre by the Swedish agent Mias Home in a old factory turned show rooms and offices that I really fell for.

Coming in to the show room I pass an exciting art exhibition - great art and no names on who created it. Do you know who did this piece?

Paul Smith is giving you a colorful ride

So I enter in to the world of Lene Bjerre and just want to sit down in the simple sofa installation. Loving the reused wall idea - can you see what it is ? 

Showing you here what I think stand out and that are my favorites among this large collection and that I see as a new style interpretation at this brand.

These black metal cabinets/drawers on wheels are a favorite.

Cool style: On wheels in two levels, simplicity I like.

Zink metal bath style I go for.
Untidy and lovely. Grey tones with soft whites and a touch of lavender accompanied by a basic black makes for a wintry feel along with fur&fake fur.

THANK YOU for a fun&inspiring day at the showroom 



S U S P E N D E D | living

Drop shaped hanging chair from Broste Copenhagen

Circular hanging sensation from www.hamaca.se called Globo

My own beloved Renoir Swing from Danish Sika Design

Did you know that chairs hang better from the ceiling. Sitting in a hanging chair is a feeling of something that if you never tried you do not know the sensation. Since I have one at home I start every morning here. When I pick up my legs and feel the elevated feeling is sets the mood for my day. Did I say i love it ?

Seen from our second floor at the converted stable that I call my home.

Not only chairs can fly, or hang from the ceiling. Beds or bed/sofa or sofa-beds can as well. We had help of the talented Erik Hjärtfors/Lövsjö Loghouse that delivered (as always) the most amazing old timber and built the hanging bed/sofa of my dreams. We use as a sofa and hang out place in the living room and when we have guests its a perfect bed. Wanted to do this for such a long time I´m so happy we finally did, it has become such a favorite hang out. Suspended is a way of living. 


G A R D E N | ganesh

Ganesh in place
I have wanted to give thanks to Ganesh for a long time, the ecumenic deity that is a part of several belief systems that followed us in all our endeavors when working with the Soomkai lamp project in Thailand. First of all elephants to me are ancient history merged into today and a unique animal that I have supreme respect for.  

Ganesh is a true force for starting new projects and that is what we did in Thailand and is true for what is going on now. 

I saw/met so many Ganesh and started to think I would want give thanks to Ganesh at home preferably in the garden. This Ganesh is from Indonesia and has now moved in, we met yesterday at Löddeköpinge Plantskola and I asked him to come home with me. 
Welcome to our garden Ganesh. 


Apple bloom and leaves for Ganesh