Cunha, city of ceramics

Cunha, city of ceramics

Wanted to go to Cunha but due to the 
pandemic ended up never going. 

We believe in keeping the wheels turning,
 so masked keeping distance,
 we are here to find hand made ceramics 
from the city of a long ceramic 
tradition in Sao Paulo state, 
which is about a two  
hour car drive from Penedo. 


chambered climbing kiln is 
built on a slope, 
and each succeeding chamber 
is situated higher 
than the one before it,  
fitting the mountainous 
area Cunha is located 
in perfectly. 

The chambers in a NOBURIGAMA 
are pierced at intervals 
withs stoking ports. 
These climbing kilns 
have been used in Japan 
since the 17th century. 

The video shows the surrounding hills 
and the square in the city center 
by one of the two churches. 

Cunha was inhabited in the beginning 
of the 18th century. 
The municipality was fonded in 1724 
and elevated to city in 1858. 

The rooster above I spotted at the fantastic 
eco reuse cafe of Aracato you see more of below. 

Since 1975 Cunha has become an center 
of stoneware ceramics 

5 Noborigama 
wood fire kilns and 
16 ceramic studios in 
all in Cunha


to that a city with 
sights and 
lots of restaurants. 

The main church is being 
restored to its former 
glory at the moment.  

Even found a fun real interesting antique 
shop on the main square in Cunha. 

Aracatu is not only a cafe 
it is a way of living in the eco 
tradition that sells fresh 
veggies and bakes everything.  
The cute rooster you saw 
above lives here.
And  below video show the 
burning stove and fresh 
baked bread that greets 
you in the entrance of Aractu. 


The fire wood stove at Aracatu

The art of ceramics

You find a lot of ceramic flooring

We found what we came for which is water 
vessels and a cup for all hotel rooms 
at the beach hotel Pe Na Areia at Ilha Grande. 

Also found some for our own home. 

Cunha serves sensational ceramics

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Erica & Christopher won a home consultation for their first home

The gorgeously green kitchen was an easy choice when the young couple moved in to the new built two room apartment in Fruängen, Stockholm built by Åke Sundvall that I worked with in Sweden. 

Moving in together is a mutual decision naturally but deciding which furniture to use in the new home and what to sell or get rid off is difficult for everyone when making one home out of two. 

To know which style to accentuate and how to mix two life styles is not easy for anyone.  

Erica & Christopher won a Home Consultation last year  from me at my lecture dealing with creating a Personal Space called Room for Personality, in Swedish : Personliga Rum. Åke Sundvall who arranged the inspiring evening at Brf Agnes generously supplied the possibility for one of the new owners to win a personal HOME CONSULTATION

20 years ago most home owners did their own interior work when moving in to a new home, but nowadays the 
attitude has changed. 

After years with designers helping out home owners on TV the attitude has changed for sure. 

Thank you so much Erica & Christopher for letting me in to your home and congratulations to your new home and life style you created by just meeting me two evenings two hours at a time. 

The choice to keep the kitchen table in the middle of your kitchen space instead of by the window is what makes your apartment a harmonious 
hit in my opinion. 
Love the retro glass chandelier 
you had the guts to go for it completes your personal style. 

with a view in Fruängen, Stockholm.  

All my best wishes to your new 
home life Erica & Christopher.

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The dining season


Mesh is the name of the table ware series at Rosenthal which is also the
name of a good friend of mine in the hospitality industry in Stockholm.
The tastiest wraps and juices in Sthlm are found at Planet MESH

When first starting out with the  
hospitality segment as 
an interior designer
 I was disapointed because 
I realized that fine ceramics of the artistic kind 
does not really endure a professional 
cafe and restaurant environment. 

Mesh Rosenthal

The good thing is that a company like Rosenthal have 
produced porcelain for over 140 years. 

The factory in Selb, Germany have provided both private 
and professional
markets with the focus on sustainable 
production in the factory in Speichersdorf, 

Mesh Rosenthal

So I like to follow what Rosenthal 
is doing and this private use
 table ware collection 
is being made in a variety
of colors which means 
off course it has been a true success.
Since 2009 Rosenthal is owned by
 an Italian company owned by the American Arcturus Group. 

As you understand the table 
ware for a restaurant
 is its signum.
Just like you want a certain 
style at home, right?

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Tack till : Grand Relations representerar Rosenthal i Sverige.



Brazilian beach hotel and restaurant update

Beach hotel at Ilha Grande on Costa Verde
2,5 hour drive from Rio de Janeiro

Pe Na Areia means Feet in the Sand 
is a beach hotel at 
Ilha Grande which is my latest 
interior update project.

Ilha Grande is a island off the 
Costa Verde,Green Coast 
in the state of Rio de Janeiro. 

From the city of Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande 
is so easy to go to that there are 
day trips for tourist 
to visit the enormous nature 
reserve beaches you find on Ilha Grande 

Angra dos Reis located 
off the coast of Costa Verde is where 
you take a 20 min fast boat to
 the pier at Ilha Grande. 

Constructed from whole Eucalypto tree trunks the building
is rustically well built.

 The big staircase is one of the changes that has to be made to create space for the new rooms and make + space of what now is not used the best way, what I call a minus space. 

The hotel and restarant Pe Na Areia want to create more hotel rooms.  
8 rooms will be updated and where there is now a lounge and second floor laundry room my plan is to win at least 3 to 4 new rooms with a view of the sea.  

On the first floor is the restaurant, kitchen and space used for everything from storage to special fish cleaning areas. Pe Na Area is a fantastic sea food restaurant and just the logistics and storage of fresh sea food  and fish everyday means that you need fridge rooms and other special areas such as handling all of the waste in the best way.

My task is to find a way to update the areas on both floors and add more rooms without changing the exterior. As in all of the world beach property comes with a lot of restrictions.  


The veranda on the first floor
 has a complete traditional 
coconut palm thatch roof.

Since I love great sustainable traditional materials
 my goal always is to work as circular as possible all projects I will certainly look into using more of this Brazilian technique that you see in many of the tropical beach cultures around the world. 

In using for the region typical materials always comes with knowledge and experience in handling the work done by the hand makers. 

The door signs as well as the main sign and 
artwork needs to either add more 
of the same or creating 
a new graphic profile and make new signs since 
we will have 
more rooms than 8 
when my work is done. 

spagetti camerao or shrimp is a real favorite at Pe Na Area

We stayed at the hotel last weekend 
which meant trying more
 of the food here on the beach at Pe Na Area. 

Since I love sea food and fish I must say 
I did not eat anything but 
great gourmet fish
 and seafood
the first 2 days

Moqueca is what I would call the
Brazilian Bouilabaisse.
A fish and seafood based dish that
with the palm oil dendê,
coriander and coconut
milk becomes irrisistable. 

Love that the food at the restaurant here
at Pe Na Area is soo good.
 Enjoying every sec!  

Sitting on the beach eating sea food 
in the sunset is the thing. 

The owner of Pe Na Area at Ilha Grande opened up for 
business already 20 years ago. 
This is a oil painting of the original house that today looks 
the same but is surrounded by houses on on both sides. 

 The island life of Ilha Grande 
is filled botanic wonders.

Great breakfast with lots of fresh fruit
which for me is true luxury. 

Getting the feeling I have all I need to be able to get going with my work creating a interior update. 
All measurements are naturally taken and photos of every corner. Along with experiencing the essence of Pe Na Areia here on the beach I have all I need to get started on the interior update work. 

Check my Insta @jimmyschonninghem for more from the beach at Ilha Grande. 

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Luxury segment Minotti 2020 Hospitality Vision


Not only showcase their furniture and feeling but the entire Hospitality Vision of 2020.

 When presenting in the luxury segment this is what a presentation needs to look like 2020 in my opinion. 

I only have 1 Q : why are there no plants indoor in this remarkable exterior & interior vision? 

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The Pandemic of Human Error

 Good morn or evening Friends

Here's your friendly anouncer

I have serious news to pass on to every-body

What Im about to say

Could mean the worlds disaster

 Could change your joy and 

laughter to tears and pain. 

These are the words of the Stevie Wonder in his song (hear the entire song below) Love`s in need of a love today, which is as true today as in 1976 when It was written and I was 9 years old. 

When I am asked if there has been improvement within Gay Rights during my lifetime I always say yes. Sadly it is not the whole truth. 

We have seen more open gay humans and even celebrities around the world and LGBTQ people accounted for in the countries were homosexuality is not even legal. But how is Scandinavia compared to the US or Brazil when it comes to human rights?

Gay Rights are human rights. According to the UN Human Rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion or other status. Human rights include the rights for life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinon and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. 

Everyone is entitled to these rights, 

without discrimination. 

Growing up in the small Swedish suburban west coast town of Kungsbacka was not what I would call a multicultural and including environment. Everyone in my class, school and neighborhood were all different shades of pale. All kinds of what I then called white people were my friends. 

I saw myself as a white young male not fitting into the hetero system that prevailed. Everything changed when I met Pauline in the fifth grade. My new friend loved to be with me and was not put off by the fact that I was bullied by the older boys. A group of 3+5 boys in my own class led by a two year older boy ganged up on me and made me hide during the lunch brake. 

The infant that had been refused to graduate from 6th and had to reprise 5th with my class singled me out.I was also among the smallest kids of my class and since I both played jump rope with the girls and Brännboll, a simplified type of baseball ,with the guys I was the odd man out. I was a tjejtjusare…a girl pleaser…and that was bad apparently. 

Kehinde Wiley is the artist that by portraying the afro american culture in a all new context changes the way we relate to both art and the black and brown men&women found around the world. 

I was moved from my class in the 5th grade to a new class. I was the problem that was for sure. Pauline did not care. She was used to not being accepted she said.  As soon as as Pauline left the room, both my family and my so called friends referred to Pauline as The black girl, Den svarta tjejen. The negro. Negern. Always in a derogative tone.  


Kungsbacka city where I lived was ruled by white heterosexuals that seemed to like only their own kind. I was 14 and concluded that most white people were afraid of black people and bög= fag,  which I was called was the worst thing a boy child of 14 could be named whatever the color of his skin. 

Painting by Kehinde Wiley


My friend Pauline was adopted by her white parents. She was brown. Not black like everyone said. Were all pale faced people color blind? Pauline knew she was not pale faced like her parents but we both failed to understand why her skin color was such a big deal. Conclusion being : generally black lives did not matter and gay was something not accepted in Kungsbacka 1981. Är svartskallen kvar eller?


As a 17 year old on my first intercontinental flight 1984 the Customs regulations form where you needed to fill in your race is where I first understood that a white man is called caucasian after going through the other possible boxes to tick. This was the first time ever I had to specify my race for anyone or anything.

 High School in North Carolina in the US made it possible for me to understand that I wanted to work within the theatre and music business by giving the chance to take drama, singing and acting every day. Being part of the music department at Cary High meant for me making fantastic friends with NON caucasian, which I was told by my Exchange Program family mother was not the way to go, if you wanted to be popular at Cary High. In the same direct way I was also informed how the (heterosexual) correct,  way of carrying a book or two in high school so that no one accused me of being a fag. 



In the beginning of the 1990s my ex longtime boyfriend and I, for the first time, had dinner with his family in their home in the projects of Nashville, Tennesse, was the first time this white boy was the only Caucasian for as far as I could see. Arriving at my boyfriends all African American family after driving slowly through the neighborhood made it clear I was in minority as a white dude for the first time in my life. Maybe I came to get a glimpse of how it must have felt for Pauline growing up in our all white Swedish suburbia.


Travelling together as an openly gay couple was mostly no problem but it stood clear that a caucasian Swede with blue eyes passes all customs without problem whilst a muscular, black male, was stopped, interrogated and nude searched constantly. 


Inspiring Kehinde Wiley portrait

Working in the publishing business for many years in the Interior design and Life Style segments as a stylist I produced many covers for Magazines in Scandinavia. One of my Editors at the time called for a meeting, which in the 90s  always meant in person, to explain in complicated devious terms including stats proving that an African American, Asian or African…model on the cover does not sell as many copies

 as one with a white girl. 


7 years ago I lived outside the University city of Lund,Sweden in a former farm house. Our closest neighbor was a pig farmer. At least I thought so. He came to our home as a contractor when we were looking for a builder and said he could do the job. Skip ahead three weeks. After concluding that me and my partner at the time were two men living together the pig farmer turned builder ran his pic up at full speed at me walking my three Border Collies along our mutual country road shouting Dö djävla bög, Die fucking fag. He did stop before he ran me over and then disappeared in a cloud. His words rang in my ears for a very long time. I reported it to the police after not being able to sleep after the incident. Although I learned later that the Pig Farmer had several criminal charges the Pig farmer was never charged with anything although he committed a homophobic death threat. The case was closed before any investigation was done.  The Police in Sweden as anywhere can not keep homophobic individuals breaking human rights constantly inside their own system. How can they inforce the law?


During the pandemic I have had more time to reflect then ever before in my life. In my opinion the most life threatening virus 2020 is not upkeeping human rights.In Sweden or anywhere in our socially unjust world. 


Living in Brasil which if you read international media would be very dangerous at the moment I conclude that this South American country by general media almost considered "third world" respected my rights as a gay man to travel intercontinentally to be with my husband in the midst of a pandemic. I was nervous to say the least as to how I would be greeted when getting off the plane in Brasil. Did I have the right documents for this planetary panic situation brought on by the pandemic? Apparently I did and now we live in Penedo, Brasil. 


In my opinion the most life threatening pandemic is the spread of Human Error instead of Human rights. 

The children are our future.

The lyrics of Children will listen by Stephen Sondheim:

Careful the things you say 

Children will listen. 

Careful the things you do

Children will see and learn

Children may not obey, but children will listen

Children will look to you for which way to turn

To learn what to be

Careful before you say : Listen to me

Children will listen

Please stay in touch my friends 

& listen to Stevie telling it like it is




As we open the door to our wedding suite we are greeted with a bottle of bubbly and a card. How nice! I open the card that says Congratulations Mr and Mrs Schönning. Marcello right away said he did not care. Everyone makes misstakes. And that is true naturally. Its just that if the hotel had routines that included checking the names of the wedding guests or even better just :  Congratulations! 

The generous gesture of giving should not be overshadowed

by what can be perceived of as homophobia. 




The week in Brazil 🐢 Life in Penedo

Creative mess at the veranda at Casa da Ilha

The week in Penedo was busy at the building project Maple Bear Bilingual school where both my husband and I have been working the last week. 

Marcello as the head architect has been involved with this project for over 1,5 half year. I just started as a Visual Content Creator mainly for Instagram account of Maple Bear Penedo, where so far 3 of my video content has been posted. 

I have delivered over 100 images so far so I think we will se more there in short. 

Marcello sitting on the roof of the finished school building looking over the mountains that surround Penedo.

 1 of August was the start of the construction and right now the interiors are coming into place at this Canadian bilingual school that will have a garden, a minifarm and a pond right outside as well.

This week the landscaping will be in focus and 2021 in Feb the school will open and the first semester will begin. 

Rain water reuse containers in place at
the construction of  Mable Bear Penedo.

Finding my favorite type of
potted plants
I used to have indoors in Sweden,
 wild in the garden and trying
to replant indoors. 

Bismarckia is a true favorite
among palm trees.
Ran across this beauty
on my way to work 

Getting to know our Redfoted Tortoise
or in Portuguese, 
Jabuti we call E.T
that now is staying with us.  

We had such a wonderful time on the beach
 at Costa Verde,
 the green coast that is a
2,5 drive from Penedo.
The the beach we had to our selves 
for our B day the 3d of October.

Yes. Marcello and I have the same B day!

At Angra dos Reis located on 
Costa Verde you 
take a boat out to Ilha Grande 
where I in a couple of weeks will 
go and see about a hotel renovation
 that is my next interior project. 

Have a good start of the week 

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