S U M M E R palette JS HEM

Whites to beige to earthy tones Qail eggs being all of that along with staines of black. 

As August with summer vacation for most begins tomorrow the summer palette is a backdrop for all of the beauty this time of year presents in color and form in nature. The flora has all the color so the summer palette for the indoor&outdoor interiors does not need it.  The case/pouch/pocket for kitchen utensils to bring on the picnic or to hang on the wall is from Dutch company www.sukha-amsterdam.nl and the bathtub that looks like the most comfortable easy chair from the same creative country at www.houseofthol.nl has a new form needed by all of us. The wooden skelleton being the construction and the color as well as the charm. The shape being the key. Roundness needed in this time of straight line effectivity.  The qail egg has it all. The roundness. The fragility and more expressions of whites, beige to earthy tones and with staines of black. Natures wonder.

Brown leather with stone colors at the beach conected to worn wooden surfaces.

Stones on the beach with the same tones as the quail egg + grey. The stone material being important as well. Flint stone also bringing the grey tones that fit so well with the beige and brown and that complement the natural tone that leather can get. The Peña Flint house being the best example of using the stone palette.
The Les Arcs chair seen above that Madame Perriand designed is a true favorite. She gave her life accomplishments to Le Corbusier - Charles-Édouard Jeanneret - and his achivements and is now getting more recognition for her own - just as many times before behind a successful man between 1903-1999 was a creative woman.


J U L Y diy P O N D project

If you want to create a fish pond in your garden you can. Just reading about it online gives you all the info you need. We did it at home at the Stable and we are no pro´s at this. This is how we did it : 

Digging is how you start!

The location of the pond was set for a long time. Now the digging was what we needed to do and not talk about it. Just go to work so to say.  And so we did. The somewhat archeological digging mostly with finds of old wallpaper, brick and rusted pluming went on for a couple of days. A very good workout I must say!

Next came the plastic invasion. Covering all we wanted to be the future watering hole of our Stable.

Placing the heavy stones and large and small rocks in the formation that looks good and so they stay in place was the way to go and went pretty quickly and was fun. The hard part was getting all the material home. Mostly we used www.blocket.se and went and picked up what others discarded a add let us know when and where. 

We also picked up several car trailers full of stones from friends who were building. Everywhere we could find them we went to get them.

Pumping up water from our well a few meters below worked!

 First pump we bought to get the water from  our own well three meters below in a lower part of the garden and 15 meters away from the pond did now work at all...

It said it had the power for it but did not. So - we just had to go back to the store and get a new one.

Pump number two did just the right job. So now there is water in the pond!

Terry telling us that working on the pond is utterly boring.

A sail helps with shadow and gives the sense of a roof

The reflection of light at night and the sense of water surrounding the Stable.

Now this is where the evenings are spent.

The seating that surrounds the pond.

The water mirror changes the house in the very best way. 

After digging and putting and placing sand and material underneath needed - then placing the rubber in so that the stones can be put in place after which you can pump in water you feel like a miracle worker to alternate the karma of your own piece of land in this wonderful way. 

The koi and goldfish makes the pond come alive in the most amazing way.

Everyone likes the pond for their own reason.



Photo from Sköna Hem

Sköna Hem Juli 2015 visar vår Soomkai från sin bästa sida. 
Stort tack Skh! 

Swedish Interior magazine Sköna Hem is featuring my Soomkai lamp again. 
Thank you soo much!



J U L Y cement diy

Bottle vase photo from Vt wonen

PET bottle or plastic bottles of the kind you like can be used as a mold to create cool vases. Either cut of the top of the bottle and poure in the cement of choice or cut the bottom off and poure the cement in with the bottle set upside down in a glass for ex. 

What you need is to use a large screw or a glass tube or something creative to stick down the top end in the cement so that there will be a hole made for the water and place for a single flower or twig of choice. 

Seal the bottle so that the cement, that should be of a fine sort, that dries fast and then after a 24 hours you gently cut the plastic bottle away and  and take out the object of choice to make the water hole and you let it dry again out of the plastic. 

Voilá - you got a heavy, cool vase!

/ Jimmy 


J U L Y diy

B R A N C H   out

A twig on the wall can serve as a bookholder or mini book case. Adding that nature vibe. 
Also being the most inexpensive AND cool accessory with all the right Feng Shui quality. 

I found the right type of branch and used a knife to take away all of the small protruding growths to make it the way I like it. 
Not being a branch I took of a tree, but found on the ground and already dried I continued to paint it after cleaning it and letting it dry two days indoor just in case. 

Be careful when you want to drill a hole to attach it to the wall. Predrill or use a broach so that you do not crack it before it becomes the centerpiece of your wall.  Do not use hammer and nail. That will NOT turn out like you want it. 

After the two coats of paint have dried use the predrilled holes to attach the piece of beautiful hand picked tree branch and set the books in place. 


There you go. 

1 JULY DIY from me 
More to come. 

See you soon. 

/ Jimmy 



Tired of tents? The answer for me being I  never really enjoyed tents for more than one night... 

Is having a quality hotel room miles from the event a hassle? - This is for sure a problem when arranging events. Or how about having that wedding on the remote beach - now you can just rent : Snoozebox is the answer!
Snoozebox is a unique and innovative portable hotel providing luxury ‘on-site’ accommodation at major events and festivals across the UK and Europe.
Offering flexible configurations and room availability, Snoozebox can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within days of arriving at almost any event or location around the world. 

- I must say that this is one of the best ideas I have seen being brought to life. Clever, cool and love the design solutions. See for your self : 

4 real beds in a small space. Sleep being the operative word here.

 BATHROOMS!!! - and with style I must add.


 Who wood say no to this bed ?

 Smart, cool and design with style. 

A hotel that you move where ever you are. LOVE it!!

/ Jimmy


10 Corso Como

Everybody knows that Milano has a cathedral that one should see when visiting. It is amazing and you should definitely go inside and see this second largest church in the world with room for over 40 000 people. What you might not know of is one of my favorite spots in Milano,  10 Corso Como. 

Naturally you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at 10 Corso Como. 

1990, September: Carla Sozzani
former fashion editor and publisher, opens Galleria Carla Sozzani
for photography, art and design in a converted garage at n° 10 corso Como in Milano.
The Galleria Carla Sozzani is gradually joined by a Bookshop and a garden cafè.
A year later in 1991, September: 10 Corso Como opens its doors. Named after the street address,
the industrial building is designed by American artist Kris Ruhs who also creates
the black and white logo that will become an icon of global style. 

A radical new union of culture and commerce, 10 Corso Como promotes slow shopping
through a succession of spaces and events that reflect lifestyle over object acquisition.
Sociologist Francesco Morace coins the word "concept shop"
to explain this marketing phenomena. 10 Corso Como becomes the nexus of a global network
of cultures and exchanges through fashion, food, art, design and photography that galvanizes
marketing through the 1990’s and sets the vocabulary for international style into the 21st Century.

Love the wrapping paper at 10 Corso Como

Clothes, shoes, exhibits of all kinds along with table ware, furniture, art and food and...

Kris Ruhs exhibit on the top floor is a man made flower installation. 

A plate for every type of personality

....including Picasso plates that I fell for.

Every square centimeter is used for telling a story of art or exhibit clothes or interiors.

One of the exhibits at 10 Corso Come showed the tiles created from Keith Haring´s art expression.

Maison Margielas deconstructed trainer is a top favorite this season. Should off course be worn with black tie for best result!

With this rubber surface Luis Leeman sharing the top position. Got my eye on this fast rising designer star.

A tendency that is winning ground is this type of accidental pointilism that this Maison Margiela shoe shows of. Looks more like you spilled when painting your ceiling at home. 

Aparently this is how Francisco looks like when shopping at 10 Corso Como

In the backyard you overlook this amazing facade that by itself is worth the visit in my opinion.

Duomo di Milano built 1300-1800 and is still buing built on...