Christmas in Copenhagen


   I think this is a very attractive way of surprising on the first of December. Would love to have a wall full of possibilities like this. The wall pockets and the calender idea is from Danish company Normann Copenhagen. Just an amazing storage wall AND a present calander PRE Christmas. 
Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen!


 The large wonderful Christmas candle is from Normann Copenhagen as well. The pink hue was very refreshing at this time of year. Don´t you think ?(pink)

I took the picture when the Christmas lighs wer unveiled.

Being my closest capital, me and my Hubby went to Copenhagen.
 Copenhagen in Christmas glory at the D´Angleterrre hotel when the lights were lit on friday when we visited was a sight to see, but the whole city sparkles.

Elle Decoration UK writes in the December issue that Copenhagen is the perfect spot to visit for Christmas if you want the right Christmas feeling. I certainly agree!



The oak men lamp that I have showed before www.theoakmen.com

Went to the Danish Design Days and this is what I found. This is the 3:d and last post on what I got happy about at the fair on Danish Design in Copenhagen.

Maison Martin Margiela Russian Dolls with their white anonymity are deco I love.

Fun new vibrant colors of the candle holder from www.applicata.dk

LOVE this stool called Monarchy stool by Yannis Ghikas for www.objekten.com in Brussels. There are similiar designs, but this nails it for me. Just love the shape and its as decorative and sculptural as it is useful.

A must for coffey lovers is Decafé lamp by Raúl Laurí that won first price at Salone Satellite in Milan 2012. It´s made from coffey. Read about it at www.rlauri.com

Really fell for these lamps that I can find place for any day. Found through www.2rethink.dk

Not overgrown has a beauty as well. Found this at Bella center on my way out.


My favorite kitchen

If you visit my blog often you have probably seen this kitchen before. It was made for the black house you see in the picture that I named Ensta Strand. Aftonbladet Härligt Hemma has a piece about it online. See it here.

Om du inte sett köket på Ensta Strand som jag var så nöjd med så titta här.



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Våra tomter säljes

 Så här ser tomterna ut som vi nu äntligen säljer av vår mark med förhandsbesked på bygglov efter en tid som behövdes för att få allt klart, är nu de ute till försäljning.  

Det fanns problem men nu är allt löst och det känns helt underbart att allt från Lantmäteri till Byggnadsnämd och Länstyrelse är nöjda. 


 Så här ser grannen till tomterna ut 
på ena   sidan. 

Dessa två tomter är det vi är så stolta över att äntligen kunna  presentera för våra blivande nya grannar. Vi bor intill men alla har gott om plats. De är stora tomter på ca. 4 500 kvm var. 

Se all info här nedan.

Lund Hoby 16:11 

Lund Hoby 7:28 

 Precis ner för backen är detta vyn man möter. Älskar att promenera här. 

 Alla har katter i denna del av världen.

Kyrkan i lilla byn Västra Hoby som man rullar ner för backen till. 

Söta lilla slumrande Västra Hoby.

Delar av Naur reservatet Stångby Mosse som vi promenerar i ofta har även hagar.

Hagar för fyrbenta vänner runt om

Närapå flygande kor med Skånska mått mätt

Vägen förbi hästgården ner till Västra Hoby


We are now selling land/property that we wanted to for a long time. This post is about the selling of the land and all photos are from the area where we live and where we now are selling two pieces of land that will host two new houses with families that want to enjoy this beautiful place that we call Hoby Mosse.


Natures beauty

I was searching for paintings or pictures with only nature scenery with the flora that surrounds us and could not find what I wanted so I made two series out of my own photos. 

1 with a yellow and blue theme and one with a  very flowery and pink/white/green, all totally square.  

The idea being that you can hang three pictures together and they match without being über matched. 

Wanted color. So tired everything being so faded and white or black. 

Do not misunderstand, I love white and black, but with such decor as pictures or paintings I do enjoy a possibility of color.  

I then had so many Q wondering if I would sell them so I wondered,  is this something for you? 
Would you like to get these for you?

The biggest is 100 cmx100 cm and the smallest have a rustic wood frame that doubles as a shelf.