Palazzo Litta Milano 2018

The Palazzo Litta in Milano also known as the Palazzo Arese-Litta is a Baroque structure in Milan dating from the period of Spanish rule.

 Originally built in 1642-1648 for Count Bartolomeo Arese housing grand parties and even the reception of Napoleon. 2018 Palazzo Litta is serving as a cultural center, housing exhibitions spaces, offices and a theater. 

The red wooden structure taking up the court yard changes the entering into the Palazzo totally and we stop and look at and tend to want to try the welcoming hammocks that was not here last year.

The grid of red-stained timber columns installed in the courtyard is made by Architect Asif Khan to create a refuge for visitors this year at Milan design week. 

Called Tempietto nel Bosco, meaning Temple in the Forest, the week long installation was designed to replicate a forest with a claring at its centre. Khan´s aim was to create a place during the Milan Design Week where visitors could relax while looking up at the sky.  

So we did!


The Palazzo supplies a stunning backdrop to all of the exhibiters.  

Normally I am uninterested in the motor influx on the Milan Design week that has turned the former vibrant interior design influence on the exhibitions at Tortona into a carshow. But this extravagantly gorgeous styling of this exceptional motorbike has something to say, if you know what i mean. 

Really fell for this super simple cozy seat constructed from two oversized attached pillows by Faye Toogood.

Palazzo Litta at Corso Magenta 24 is a good place to check out all the time when in Milano. 

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The Jaffa Tel Aviv

The Jaffa in Tel Aviv is located by the sea within the walls of a 19th century complex that once housed Jaffa´s French Hospital and the School of the Sisterhood of St Joseph. Jaffa is the  first settlement that grew into the city of Tel Aviv and a must see when visiting Israel.

The new hotel, restaurant and spa is designed by John Pawson in collaboration with Ramy Gill
The duo transformed the original structure into a blend of modern-meets-historic, while remaining true to the original heritage and visual details. 

Since I have taken a liking to Tel Aviv over all and really would like to stay at The Jaffa on my next visit I am looking forward to checking out this gorgeous new hotel. 

At The Jaffa right next to the beach you can choose to stay in the exquisitely restored 19th-century wing, boasting lofty ceilings and arched windows. 

Or in the contemporary building embracing a more modern architectural style. 

The 120 rooms and suites of The Jaffa offer stunning views of the Mediterranean or the fantastic courtyard. 

Lofty ceilings, check!

Love that while the bones of the hotel are rooted in history, the rooms and apartments are entirely modern. 

This transformed convent,hospital and intricately designed former chapel with its stucco and stained glass windows really makes me want to go to Tel Aviv. 

See more of Tel Aviv here. 

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Dinner and Drink by Jimsch

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Today is both Marcello´s and my birthday and we are off to have dinner soon in Gamla Stan after I post this:

Dinner and Drink by Jimsch was held 3 September evenings, three weeks in a row at the Jimsch Studio Showroom at Södermalm where the food looked this appetizing due to the vegan and raw food meals served by Soulfood Sthlm. Here on Contrast sand serving plate with black trim by Jimsch All photos by Hannah Karlberg. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Sharing inspiration was the key to this evening created with Systrarna Axelsson, Romo ,Rebelwalls and Ahlgens Marmor, 

Flowerfilled drinks sitting on the Silestone tabletop named Eternal Empereador from Cosentino Scandinvia that presented their quarts composite stone material during the interior inspiration evening at Dinner by Jimsch.

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Table set with tableware and green recycled textile placemat from Jimsch

Photo by Jimmy Schönning

The kitchen got the grey Silestone, Brooklyn update both worktop and splash back with a shelf perfect for holding the iPad and/or Marshall Stockwell. Order Silestone and have it measured and installed at Ahlgrens Marmor. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Anna Granstig on the right representing Cosentino Scandinavia guiding our Dinner by Jimsch guest

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Guests Hanna och Olivera seated in the Romo budoir. Mural wallpaper from Rebelwalls

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Architects and interior designers invited and experiences and inspiration shared. Jessika Källeskog and me in conversation. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Cecilia giving her talk on Rebelwalls wallpaper to the Dinner by Jimsch guests. It´s all about interiors!

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Helena (to the left) explaining the textile type of design she and her sister Lisa from Systrarna Axelsson can help with. The bedroom showing off their special skills with the  Romo fabric in bed, bedskirt and wall covering with Romo fabric in black. Romo have the fabric and Systrarna Axelsson have the design and know-how when it comes to textile design.  

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Fanny Frankmar, Soulfood Sthlm and Jimmy having a fork fight? As you can see we had a lot fun at Dinner by Jimsch. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Architect Christian Persia in talks with opera singer Hedda Hopper and her mother at the Dinner by Jimsch Nr 2. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Hanna Gerner came, saw and conquered the bedroom at #dbyjimsch and wrote about her experience at Maqt. Tack Snälla!

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Wallpaper on the wall more in the feeling of art but still from Rebelwalls like the book that our guest is checking out. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Drink by Jimsch in full flow. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

The sisters Systrarna Axelsson joined with our guest for a photo. Cheers!

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Me and my Marcello from Drink by Jimsch1

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Wine cooled in Cool it by Jimsch naturally

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Guest Peter Englund and Renaida 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Dinner and Drink by Jimsch is about having time to talk about and appreciate interior design together. 

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Two gorgeous interior designer and me sat down in a sea of Romo fabrics signed Systrarna Axelsson.

Photo by Hannah Karlberg

Alexander Erwik in charge of the event with his Erwik Communication along with Fanny Frankmar of Soulfood Sthlm along with my  Marcello Jordan say thank you for coming and bye for now and hope to see YOU at coming Dinner by Jimsch next year. 

Thank you to all our guests! 

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Total textile makeover

Working with interiors a vital part of any makeover contains textile transformation. 

Fabric comes in all type of designs and can become just what you want and create. Romo Fabrics has everything needed for all homes that can become the total textile makeover that personalizes the interior and makes the biggest impression and lasting change. Romo fabrics is a important partner of the event called Dinner&Drink by Jimsch this September. 

When I have made the plan for my interiors and have plan I turn to Systrarna Axelsson 

for textile consultationLisa&Helena that are cohosting our Dinner by Jimsch and are responsible for the total textile makeover at Jimsch Studio Showroom are both sisters and partners in textile transformation. 

At the very bottom you see how the bedroom turns out to be my all time favorite room.  

The art of wallcovering in our bedroom is masterly done by Hernvalls Tapetserfirma with a fabric mix from Romo. A mix of synthetic and natural fiber makes for a more long lasting wall covering. 

Göran & Göran (d.y & d.ä)  from Hernvalls tapetserfirma  is working and I am trying to film them. There are so few in Sweden that still know how to perform the art of wallcovering.  

Double piping as here of piping is in Swedish called keder is here done with a glue gun. 

The window above is before Systrarna Axelssson get going with fabrics from Romo

Seen with the black textile wallcovering in front you see a full length photo of the window after the total textile makeover. 

An important part is how you hang the fabric and the combinations made along with the actual sowing. The hotel feeling we were looking for really came with the Romo fabrics. 

The carpet is from Jimsch as well as the grey pattern throw hanging over the green Foxford fringed throw. 

Curtains are not elusively for windows. The can be uses in so many more places
Love this photo of Helena hanging this metallic fabric from Romo

Unique pillows made easily from the fabric world of Romo. Wall art by Rebelwalls

 The kitchen curtain solution looks so good let all the way down. The textile becomes the art in the room framed by the window. Great for windows like this where you prefer privacy. 

A purple rain of velvet that in this light goes a bit burgundy along with seat cushions in velvet. 

Rightfully proud poseing taking place (all my fault because I demanded a photo)  in front of the headboard constructed with Romo fabric by Göran&Göran at Hernvalls Tapetserfirma.

The textile heaven a bedroom is here finally finished just like Systrarna Axelsson and I dreamt it would be. Bedskirt as headboard in Romo fabrics as well as  velvet pillows. Embroidered grey recycled textile Jimsch pillows make for the softness accompanied by the metal firewood storage and lamp that in my design I am so glad it was finished in time for our first ever Dinner&Drink by Jimsch. 

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