Sé Ini Archibong

Right next to Rossana Orlandi in Milano during the design week is presenting the new collection IV created by designer Ini Archibong. 
I meet Ini right inside the door and he gives me a warm greeting and a generous tour of the furniture&ligthing collection created for Sé together with co-founder Pavlo Schatkleff. 

Ini has taken his inspiration for "Below the Heavens" from ideas of cosmology, the classical world and celestial harmony. The result is a  more down to earth collection of 11 objects than expected of which I show you my photos below.  

The Eos Table is a  cantilevered disc atop ceramic or lacquered base: akin to the sun rising over a horizon. "I wanted a top and base to interact like concentric ovals, giving a feeling of perpetual motion," says Ini.  

The Circle chair has a playful personality.  With a deep upholstered seat and harp-like back, "It provides character as well as comfort" says Ini. 

Collection IV took shape after Sé co-founder Pavlo Schatkleff approached Ini Archibong. Sensing that they shared values, Schtakleff and Archibong embarked on a design journey, visiting Sé's European manufacturers and developing their mutual sensibilities of the sumptuous and sculptural, merging fine materials - marble, brass and handmade glass. 

 "Our DNA matched", says Ini Archibong talking about his relationship with Sé co-founder Pavlo Schtakleff creating the "Below the Heavens" collection. "We spoke the same language"

One flight down the only light provided is coming from the 12 crystal lamps in the Moirai Chandelier   , described by Ini as a "constellation of clouds" Created by the glass technique of cold-working, it has three main families of shade, which can be combined in different configurations. With brass stem mounts they make for an illuminating conversation. 

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Mälsåker Slott

Castle hopping is a good way of describing a favorite Sunday activity around Stockholm. 

What brought us to Mälsåker Slott was my talented piano playing friend Magnus Bergman who had a concert here. 

We came around to enjoy the Piazzolla concert performed by Magnus and his accordion playing musician friend as well as to see the castle we had not before seen. 

Seen from the waterfront the baroque castle has a powerful impact. 

Marcello posing as a statue in one of the not yet restored parts of the castle that I just adore. 

In rooms not yet renovated at this art loving castle an exhibit of Urban Jörén is hung masterly against the old walls that becomes a perfect combo with the black&white photos set against the worn&wonderful walls.

Look up to see all the amazing ceiling stucco of this baroque castle.  

Naturally I fall for the rooms and parts of the castle that is yet to be renovated. The light that falls in through the high windows and the silence is overwhelming 

Lake Mälaren reaches the castle and in this heatwave a swim seems like a good idea. 

Fireplaces to be inspired by. 

Wandering around in this castle is like traveling in time. 

If you are interested in reading more about the history of this mansion from the 1400´s to how it turned into a castle you find more here.  The castle is cared for by a nonprofit organisation that I just became a member of. You find more about that here.

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Notorious Nendo in Milano

The long lines that formed by the excited design crowd waiting for Japanese studio Nendo which exhibition set in several tents, hung with all black textile interior, explore the relationship between people and objects with its Milan Design Week exhibition, which featured unconventionally designed everyday objects and my personal favorite :  alternatives to the traditional zipper.

The Forms of Movement exhibition posed the question whether everyday objects can conduct motion.Presented in Milan's Tortona district as part of the Superstudio venue, it showcased 10 designs that deal with the concept of movement.The furniture set below in white against the black backdrop are model furniture from 3-5 cm height. On the bottom of this post you see the same type of chair as the model but now in "normal" size.

A model set of Nendo furniture also seen as full size versions. 

Exploring techniques that traditionally are thought of being used for certain materials and see how they work in another setting.  Here using traditional basket weaving technique but with light metal. 

In Nendo´s  work with YKK zippers this astonishingly beautiful design emerged. 

The exhibit consists of 10 rooms divided by walls and black textile backdrop covering everything. We are led through the Nendo maze by graphic signs (se the bottom of the post) and each room contains a new aspect of working with  product design from the motion perspective. 

 Here is the full size version of the model from above where the design was first presented.

The graphic presentation of the exhbit is my favorite. The Nendo aesthetics at it´s best.  The bare minimal left to do the job of communicating their design philosophy.

If you are interested in seeing more of Nendo from the post when I see their exhibit at Holon Design museum in Tel Aviv

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PS All photos by me. Please ask if you want to borrow DS


West coast love

Last year I was here at Getterön, Varberg at my family home from early spring. This year  I get to introduce Marcello to my father and  just made it down for the current heatwave. Marcello met mom in Stockholm when she came to show her suede clothes collection earlier in spring. 

I love this spot. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen this fav spot before. My Embrace original design for Jimsch by the  pond with a seatcushion of suede made for my own company Jimmy Schönning HEM

Mom offered home made Elderflower lemonad as we arrived. LOVE!  The scent from the sweet pea floating (in my Chemistry vase for Jimsch) reaches my nose before the elderflower taste reaches my tastebuds. My mother really knows what I like taste wise and spoils me. 

The little cottage where we spend our nights and maybe a siesta a warm day like this. 

The water lilies in the small pond never disappoints. 

 Post swim gathering at the natural stone sofa. Mom to the left. My brothers middle child, my nephew by her. The youngest of the three standing. My gorgeous sister in law next to my brother. Miss Morris on the ground cared for by Marcello. We are missing my bother´s teenage son and my father who probably is watching some incredibly important golf or soccer game on tv.

Not really warm for a brazilian but it feels good to cool off (at least after...)

Getting some sea solitude as i call it is the name of the game. Västra Getteröns Naturereserve next to the sea is unchanged from my childhood and is amazing to return to. 

A visit to Varberg Fortress is a must. 

Love this life. 

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Curtains, yes or no?

It is really warm outside. All our windows are open. 

I am strangely not on my way to the beach or even thinking of a dive from a cliff into the closest lake. 

I´m arranging a heavy linen in my kitchen window. 

That is just  the way I am I guess...

Having fun draping and letting the material decide what ways to go. There is so much you can do with curtains and so many more styles to try but the standard ones. 

Do you like curtains ?

I love curtains and textile over all and will definitely make an effort of trying to show more of that here on the blog.

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Millesgården the Little Italy of Stockholm

Stockholm city center has many good italian restaurants but no concentration of italian culture in one spot like Little Italy in Nyc for example . 

The biggest concentration of Italian culture in one spot in Stockholm is without doubt Millesgården
The home, studio & gardens of Olga and Carl Milles was made to feel like their own Italy. 

Nowadays they even have a museum with their name joined at the opposite side of the former entrance of this remarkable Italian cultural heritage overlooking the Stockholm water inlet from the heights of Lidingö

The lower terass was built during the 1950´s when Olga and Carl Milles had returned to Europe after 20 yeas living in the USA. They spent the winters in Rome and most summers at Millesgården

The lower terass was created with the Italian piazza as model. Carl Milles wanted an open square set in stone, purling fountains and room for lots of people. 

The red stone is a true Swedish find called Älvdalskvartsit. Olga and Carl Milles created a Little Italy their own personal way right here in Stockholm. 

The original entrance to the Millesgården estate. Nowadays the entrance is via the museum building. 

The Milles Poseidon staty (to the right) is nowadays the symbol of Gothenburg but here you find a smaller version. 

The studio of Olga and Carl Milles is a place I love to visit. Artist studio space at its best. You can rent the space for privat functions. Once i sang at a wedding  of close friends right here. Acompanied by a pianist on the grand piano. Will never forget their beautiful ceremony. 


Find this funny hidden detail at one of the antique sculptures collected by Olga Milles. 

Find Olga Milles paintings as well as her collections of Italian antique sculptures. 

Fountains, sculptures  and creative waterways at magic Millesgården. 

Pillars collected from other buildings and reused in a new form is what makes Millesgården unique.

So by sightseeing at Lidingö you will not only get  a taste of the exquisite are art of both Milles Artists but a visit to Little Italy or even Villa Borghese of Stockholm as well.

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