C P H | showroom AW 16/17

Copenhagen harbour side

Today I´m on my way up to Stockholm for  meetings and  interior work for two private homes, but Saturday I went to Copenhagen. I stopped by in the new part of town by the harbour that is growing larger every time I go by.

Invited to see the AW 16-17 collection and news for Danish interior brand Lene Bjerrre by the Swedish agent Mias Home in a old factory turned show rooms and offices that I really fell for.

Coming in to the show room I pass an exciting art exhibition - great art and no names on who created it. Do you know who did this piece?

Paul Smith is giving you a colorful ride

So I enter in to the world of Lene Bjerre and just want to sit down in the simple sofa installation. Loving the reused wall idea - can you see what it is ? 

Showing you here what I think stand out and that are my favorites among this large collection and that I see as a new style interpretation at this brand.

These black metal cabinets/drawers on wheels are a favorite.

Cool style: On wheels in two levels, simplicity I like.

Zink metal bath style I go for.
Untidy and lovely. Grey tones with soft whites and a touch of lavender accompanied by a basic black makes for a wintry feel along with fur&fake fur.

THANK YOU for a fun&inspiring day at the showroom 


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