C O N C R E T E | bridge construction

With the use of reinforcement nets with sand placed underneath after scraping the ground making a somewhat flat surface and a plywood board covered in plastic in the right place for the small arch of the bridge, we start mixing cement.

Just like the most simple concrete and stone paths we have seen in Spain and Cuba we just place stone irregularly to be incorporated in the cement path that starts at the gate to the garden and leads to the entrance of our house. We also raise several larger rocks to mark the the way and make a statement. We like stones. In other words, we are stones fans as you can see.

If you have never mixed cement you need to read up on cement texture. That´s the key.  Google and you will find. As well on Youtube. We had help of an experienced  conctrete (!) friend to mix the cement. When we put down this much work we want it to become as planned. After getting the right cement texture we start spreading the grey wonderful goo. Notice how we place planks as sides to the little bridge over the creek, but letting it just flow over slightly in all other areas, and just placing some stones for a irregular feel .  We also place sea shells and clam shells and a little bit of love in the cement. All of this needs to happen when there is no rain off course. When we were done we place a tarpaulin/presenning to cover it for the next 24 hours and then we will see how much it has dried.

After 1 and a half day of drying we have a bridge and a concrete pathway to our house.

Cement/concrete is an amazing material that becomes what you create with it. We wanted a bridge and walkway/path to our house with a natural feel. We have seen these type of simple and rough kinds of pathways in Spain&Cuba and it really turned out the way we wanted it to. Now it feels like impossible to think it has not always been there.

Thanks to the little concrete bridge we now have flow from the pond to the creek that follows the path down to the garden. 

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