C O N S E R V A T O R Y | evergreen

 A large iconic brass pendant from Rif Design sets the mood. Love the bamboo both indoors and outdoors. 

Long lasting materials.

Cheese&cold cuts with a glass of wine. What is better ?

A room with a view, and the rockers designed 1968 by Nanna Ditzel, (Sika Design). Sheepskins, Shepherd.  A carpet is as much decoration as comfort. Hand made round hemp carpet, Armadillo&Co

A room with glass walls purely for enjoyment. To get closer to nature at all seasons.  

The garden is the backdrop and you feel as though you are outside.  

A place to have dinner and enjoyment and where plans are made together. A room where the view is so breathtaking that all you want to do is sit and just let it sink in. 

All photos taken by Per Magnus Persson. This is the third version of the same conservatory from Willab Garden that I have designed to show how many ways there are to go with one and the same room. There are so many more. What is your way ?

Good lighting comes in many shapes. Use them the way you like it. Combine in new ways. Lamps and lights comes in gorgeous shapes and forms. Table, chairs and floor light, Interstil.

A calm room is inviting to all your senses.

When the view is the best part of the room. Enjoy it. 

Letting the table have space on all sides so that you easily can get around it makes it very accessible  and at the same time the focus of the room. 

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