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Woke up in Sthlm with this view. Lovely!

As I am walking to my meeting on Östermalm, Stockholm  I pass this building. A dream apartment is one of these former artist Studios with the amazing north windows. Can you imagine!

Posh Living Stockholm

Today I need an update on the Sthlm interior scene. One of my favorite places is Posh Living,so I make my way to their store at Mood Stockholm and they are up to date as always and show what is NOW interior wise in this part of the world.

Posh Living Stockholm

Posh Living Stockholm.

Went to check out a renovated apartment in a beautiful house on Södermalm with a view of the sea, right next to Mosebacke. The house was built 1770 and has now been done over. The apt was on the second floor in the middle part of the house, but the ceilings were so low that unfortunately the magic location did not help for the purpose I wanted it for. 

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