S O F A | scoop Milano 2016

When it comes to the most important piece of furniture in the home, the sofa, one thing was very clear in Milan. VELVET. 

Modern, retro and classical sofas (and easy chairs for that matter) all had one thing in common. VELVET. I did not take 30 pics of velvet sofas but they were there. At the fair, at the exhibits around town and in the restaurants and bars that stay with the trends. There were velvet last year aswell, but this year it was everywhere.  Trend #1

The stylishly sloppy sofa. The hang out. Not orderly and perfect. Different cushions and fabric that does not sit tight and stay the same. A everyday type of sleep, eat and live in sofa. True sofa trend #2

Thin armrest. Big pillows and deep seat. Like a double bed. You have to sit with your legs up or neat on the edge of the seat (grandma style) Pillows slightly alive and not perfect, but the rest is strict. Trend #3

3 D materials. Either tromp l'oeil (trick painted/printed) or the real deal like here. The fabric is sown with stretch and elasticity and creates a striking effect when it pulls together and it also gives a cushioned feel. Trend #4

THE BED/SOFA/BED style. Take away the cushions and this style looks like a bed&headrest of a modern Italian style bed. Sophisticated in shape and cushioned with a style that you"dress down" the sofa with contrasting pillows and throw so that it does not look too proper (it will then be too 80´s) Trend #5

Quilted textiles. The 70´s winter jacket style of textiles making it´s way to the sofa. Trend #6

Classic with a twist. The chesterfield classic turned sideways swivel chair style is the type of beloved eternal furniture that will live on and be used in new ways. Trend #7

Could not resist....one more velvet, BUT this time with LOOOONG fringes covering all legs and makes it feel like its floating.

ONE OF A KIND. With references to the historic roman sofas where dinners were eaten and life was enjoyed in whole. The Triclinium sofa from Swedish Design Duo Front for Moroso is not a sofa that is a trend this decade, although a classic shape. Therefore to me seems most inviting.

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