T O R T O N A | moooi in milan

Flourescent lights made a unit found on the way that I do not know who the artist is. 

Lines I like. Plain and perfect. Seen on the way to via Savona.  

 A real recycle enhanced bike with a motor. Recovered parts from motorbikes from the 30´s and 70´s made into a new beautiful motorized bike.

Zona Tortona, the area around Via Tortona is dead when it comes to showing new and upcoming interiors( but if you want a beer and circus it´s lovely), BUT the magic of MOOOI still rules here. In the HUGE space at Via Savona they excel in the art of exhibiting. They tell a story you want to listen to. There is of drama and the magic of Moooi is  expressed via design, art and theater.  

I will post more on Moooi in Milan. That you can be sure of.

Bird on a wire. New light/lamp/art from Moooi.
Carpet on the walls at the Mooi exhibit I really liked. A stylists dream type of setting. Interior scenography meets Moooi magic.

Wall textile with a  sound mission.

Fringes. LONG slightly blue tinted at the top ,white fringes  long as a 30´s dress along with velvet. A new type of luxury. 

Sculptures and art are weaved in to the Moooi interior fabric.

Quilted textile seating is a regular. Too much of everything with a twist  being the answer.

The photo is scary and enticing at the same time.

Lovely lights. Floor lamp favorite.

This space was more interesting than the art. See more on #jimmyschonninghem at Instagram

Nauto Fukasawa monolithes

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