S T H L M| furn&light fair 2016

Barber&Osgerby the former bearded Design Duo now is now 50% clean shaven and short haired.

Stockholm Furniture & Light fair started for me with the press breakfast, listening to what was happening at the fair and also to the guests of honour this year, the internationally acclamied architects and designers  
Barber & Osgerby. 

Having seen this picture of Barber & Osgerby I thought the short guy that came in or the tall without beard was a stand-in. But then I understood that it was just the old box trick to easier make an even photo of the two architects and that the taller of the two went to the barber...

Danish Christine Rudolph´s block hung entangled lights (that we will see much much more of!) 

The trend exhibit this season of 2016 was made by three Scandinavian women : 
Swedish Emma Olbers, Danish Christine Rudolph and Finnish Susanna Vento 

My first thought is what a great idea it is to have a wider perspective on our trends with more nationalities than only the  Swedish trend mold. 

Although neighbors we do not  interpret the international  trends the same way in our Scandi countries and since the Stockholm Fair now brags : The biggest fair in the world, on Scandinavian design it´s an important perspective. 

Christine Rudolph and Susanna Vento really interpreted  the theme Nature is back for good in their personal ways of interior design. 

Emma Olbers created a visually attractive room and used her own design in it. It became more of a showroom of her lovely design than  a take on the coming trends in my opinion. 

Christine Rudolph´s take on Nature is back for good is my favorite of the three ( really wondering though if anyone thinks it´s attractive with the hanging tags on each piece of furniture?)

 Green ivy view with character and history at Christine Rudolph´s take on the 2016 trend.

Room for work&life at Christine Rudolph´s trend exhibit  2016

Susanna Vento´s version of the theme "Nature is back for good" takes her to a different place than the danish trend interpretation.

  Love the fact that the same theme always takes talented design artists to different places. Susanna Vento´s rooms were larger and showing more that I show here to see more click HERE.

This is what the internationally acclaimed duo Barber&Osgerby did at the Stockholm Furniture&light fair. It became a wonderful showcase of their new white paper lamp anyway... A white floor with white textiles separating rooms showing their lounge furniture was not much of a exhibit to see in my point of view. They said in their speech that the budget was small, but in my opinion it´s always up the the idea.

The wire favorite from last year at Danish Menu

Thin metal lines as geometric art, here at Menu will be somehing we will see more of for sure.

Bernard-Albin Gras graceful lamps made for special industrial and handicraft purposes now made for the home. Can not have enough of these clever and cool long lasting lamps from the beginning of not this but the century before!

Sami Kallio design for Konsthantverk

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