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Note Design Studio being celebrated as Elle Designer of the year in the morning at breakfast at glamorous Operakällaren where we all signed agreements not to tell the story until the evening! 

Cutie Celine& Simply Ad orable mama Janice ( and her lovely mom behind her) Janice blogs at Sköna Hem Add Simplicity


We  come from all over to the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016 ( they have visitors from around 35 countries)  and Designweek activities around town and even the day before it all starts the schedule is full. I call all of us who do the pre Fair stuff Prefairies.  

Me and blogger Daniella Witte that blog at Elle Decoration  and Maria Danielsson met already at the train station in Lund.  
Which we would see a lot of .... because the train was late due to an accident and we ended up getting to Sthlm 2 hours later. Thank you for nice company GIRLS! 

The next morning started at 08.00 with Stefan Nilsson telling in his easy and amusing way the trends as he sees them at 
Röda Rummet at Berns Hotel. TACK Trendstefan!

09.00 we were all seated at Operakällaren this morning Svante Öquist and Swedish Elle Decoration is inviting us to a beautiful breakfast served on bright red Mateus tableware. For all the winners of the Elle Designawards click over HERE.

I met sweet Celine again ( see pic above) who is such a charmer. We have met now several times at diferent press events and she always steals my heart. She is a bit young yet. But just wait! Her lovely mom is a very successful blogger and she also brought her mom. What a beautiful set of lovey ladies!

You feel like you are on a chartered trip or an excursion with your school, cause the whole time you are traveling in a group. My closest companions luckily being photograper & stylist and all over wonderful blogger Susanne Kings of Me and Alice and Piazzan Pernilla of the blog and Insta Piazzan had a great time together and this is just the beginning. 


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