O B J E C T S | smaller and larger

Design nobility gathered at Nobis Hotel, Stockholm
Staircase of style and glamour restored from the house original.
The Nobis Hotel interior is designed by Claesson, Koivisto and Rune

Grand Relations PR invited to lunch at Nobis Hotel, during the tasty italian antipasto&pasta the Design Trio Claesson, Koivisto och Rune presented their Smaller Objects collection that they premiered 2015. 

Eero Koivisto being the jovial one adding the lightness when explaining the products of the designers of which you here see the Panama hat rest and if you like here you can see the whole collection of Smaller object.

Mårten Claesson and Ola Rune both seem like design is very serious and almost like someone close to them has died recently(or they just got stagefright) 
Together the trio add up to the three design stooges and it all becomes quite amusing. Love the fact that the designers involved in this project receive a larger economic deal than normal for their  part of the process when a product is sold.

Panama, part of the Smaller objects collection, designed by Mårten Claesson

After lunch we were ushered up to this lovely suite for coffey and desert:

When we all 50 (?) came up ( it was not empty like these pic´s) these rooms were filled to the brim of press people and it got hot and it was very sweaty and the presenter of the news really enjoyed his own voice through the loudspeaker piercing all of the heated press people pressed into this to small suite ( all though it is huge) Here Designhouse Stockholm presented their news among which I really fell for this Greenhouse on legs. Here you can see all of the new products.

Really fell for the new Greenhouse on legs from DHS

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