Å R E T S | rum 2016

Linda Sundblad performing here heart out, live at Berns.

My  great behatted(?) friends Julia Peralta and Daniel Nyström(of NyströmPersia) ready to g GALA

The Monday of Design Week for me started & ended at Berns. Morning lecture with TrendStefan and in the evening  Årets Rum 2016 Gala. For all the winner go to aretsrum.se

What a shame that the Elle Awards, Årets Rum 2016 and the QX Gay Gala are all taking part the same night in the same city and that many run around trying to be present at all of them. Do they really need to compete the same night ? 

We stayed at Årets Rum Gala at magnificent Berns and were informed of the winners while having a wonderful time drinking bubbly and eating tasty prepared salmon sashimi and veggies. 

Thank you Årets Rum and Grand Relations.  


Red carpet time. Wore my favorite theatre binoculars in occidices copper for the first time after Daniel helped me make a leather neclace for them.

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