A M B I E N T E | frankfurt

Frankfurt Messe/fair is gigantic in size and made stylish by these glass arched structures I really like.

In Frankfurt, Germany for the Ambiente fair for the first time. 
Exciting in so many ways. 

 Here for reasons first of all I can not tell you right now, will at a later time, and to experience the largest interior trade fair in Europe. 

Compared to Sthlm Furn Fair I just visited,  here more than 4 times the visitors walk over such a vast area that I think that if you want to see it all in the week it is open I don´t know if you will make it. 

The whole world is welcome to exhibit here which is not the case everywhere in Europe. I will meet with companies from all over : India, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Indonesia as well as Germany and Holland.

A warm creative meeting with an impressive Portuguese ceramic factory owner that mostly produce for the American market where more or less all the big chains are his clients.

As for plants there are always trends that you see whenever there are interiors presented, since interiors and plants are so interconnected you can not make a sufficient display of interiors without using plants or flowers. Some kind of flora must be used and what I see that is new here at Ambiente is a lot of different uses of fern leaves and a new type of fern I have never seen indoors that is the Tree furn, which instantly is my new favorite being a true fern fan.

Brass or other metals encasing glass being hung by chains of matching metal is everywhere looking like 1920 department store display material in a way. Large  or small in different shapes and sizes. For enhancing your gallery wall or as a solitaire. This type of framing will be seen all over.

Black&white thicker kelim type of fabrics being used for stools or poufs and larger furniture as well. Going to fit the very white trend that will be upon us again. We know how the Scandinavians like their white.

Brown making it´s comeback in 2017 is seen at some places like this clever&cool carpet. Brown hues having being out of the picture will certainly make it back.
To support the coming all white trend many all white artifacts will be needed and your own collection of shells or hand made white coral behind glass will be a must. Macrame versions and use of rope in lamps as well as plant hanging vases is noticeable at a large scale. 

Smaller plant hangers and vases are everywhere and in many shapes and versions. Already in the markets but more are coming and they will be a must. 
When I saw this version  of woven or almost braided bamboo I was happy for it being truly the trend and Bloomingville had version of this type at their stand, because I am waiting for a prototype of a new version of a bamboo lamp following the succsess of my Soomkai lamp that is now so copied that we let the other companies take over. Time to move on to new design.

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