W E S T | coast of Sweden

Hallway : The world on your closet, Rebelwalls. Cargo cupboard and vase, Interstil.

Hallway : Jute cord lamp, Watt&veke. Metall storag and hangers, Interstil.

Hallway ladder boxes to fill, Interstil.

In Husräddarna, TV3, reality becomes TV. We rebuild the families homes after the fire. At this house close to the the north sea on the west coast of Sweden, my task was the hallway and the open plan living space interiors. The owners decided to make the house all in one level in the new rebuilt version. Creating a home is teamwork. The more you get to know each other the better the home turns out. 

/ Jimmy 

Steampunk ish ceiling light, Watt&veke

Seated well. Velvet easy chairs, Artwood.

Spheric delight. Reused cardboard pendants hovering, Graypants.

Several lamps. Not only one.

Classic style with personality. The sofa table made from the aft of the row boat. So pleased!

Hydrangea colored carpet, Carpetvista.

Set for dinner.

Dark as the night, knife/fork/spoon, Gense.

Hemp carpet, Armadillo. Table linen, Axlings. Fondue set, Gense.

Worn wood,cararra marble, linen and reused cardboard does it.

Lanterns, Interstil.

Lit boat. Jute cord lamp, Watt&veke.

The rowboat standing shelf made from a wooden worn&wonderful old rowboat[and a sofa table as well]  became the focal point. The decoration. The atmosphere creator and great lit shelf.

Bespoke burlap curtains(material from Axlings) agains the oars from the row boat against the gold pendulum clock. That´s attitude!

Beach art...or just a beautiful piece of wood found by the sea.

Mix of chairs around the table. Wooden chair, Artwood.

Plates ,bowls and vase, Interstil.

Comfy leather seat, Artwood. White wool throw, Mimou.

Hemp carpet, Armadillo along with linen in the window, Kirsch.

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