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Moooi carpet design by Marcel Wanders that was presented at the Milan Salone Del Mobile 2015. 

Marcel Wanders presents a book about the Dutch Golden Age painters. 

Below in the post previous you can see the the book called "RIJKS" Masters of the Golden Age. 

These painters and their art has influenced artists through the centuries and still do. 

Collected in a way not seen before Marcel Wanders has produced a bible of a book about the Dutch painters around 1560-1650. 

The paintings has given inspiration to the Moooi carpet collection presented earlier this year and will certainly continue to lend its love of nature to future generations and has again  started to show up in interiors.

Abraham Mignon a Dutch Golden Age painter that specialized in flower bouquets. 

Dutch magazine Vt wonen sleek interiors along with floral paintings.

Floral carpet by Dutch Moooi

The Golden Age influence with interiors from Vt wonen

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