S O M E T H I N G | blue

A curvy floor lamp from ByRydéns
Bedframe made from reused wood from Lövsjö Loghouse

A small room with a LARGE bed makes the headboard the deco, the wallpaper, the extra comfy seating and the frame for the room. It creates the atmosphere of the bedroom and it is LARGE. LOVELY!

I made the textile headboard from foam attached to plywood with a lining textile first and then the actual visual textile on top of that using a tacker. So 2 layers of fabric. That is the secret to making it look even and professional. Reused jeans among the chosen materials. The corners off course being the difficult part in the process of making each individual textile square. I made 12 textile squares, but you can make them them any size you wish naturally. I wanted the feel of a collage.  

There is always room for lanterns and candle light. 

Hanging pots from Ferm Living are ideal in small spaces.

Rustic shelving, Lövsjö Loghouse in levels of usage

Mixing patterns for a relaxed and creative look. Bedlinen from Zebra Collection. 

Individual coffeymugs from Royal Copenhagen. Clever bed tray from Zebra Collection.

Sit back and relax. The bed is your sofa as well as a bed and the most comfy place.

Branch hangers from Lövsjö Loghouse

Wool throw and light blue wool cushion from Klippan

By the door is a lantern to take outside at night hanging on a branch hanger from Lövsjö Loghouse.

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