T E E N A G E | spirit

Teenager reality. New direction in life. Painted arrow and arrow with hooks,INTERSTIL. Bin wall lamp is a favorite from Swedish Markslöjd.

Presenting the Jpad. Computer games is IT. Games numero uno and skateborad second.  Sitting on top of the world. Mapped carpet, Carpetvista. Not one but TWO screens being the ultimate. Chairs and table, Bo Concept

Husräddarna, TV3, rescues what was burnt down and rebuilds homes and restores the security to the families. Through lots of contact and talks and images discussed and sent through the phone  with a very serios and sometimes trubbled soul that the teenager Johan is that I created the room.It´s never easy to take the step into the world of the grownups.  

I feel so content that Johan now has his own place at home back and can again start building his own life after the destruction impact that a fire has on a home and all members of the family. Here is what became of Johan´s wishes :

Noticeboard made from a painted canvas to match the room hues and a piece of rope that will hold physical photos and notes that still exists in paper. Painted black arrow directly on the wall.

J for JOHAN who rules here. Lit up letter, Cirkuslampan.

Hooked on a feeling. Tap hook, Interstil. Headphones for complete privacy.

A marine corps net hanging with  a led light trail, Markslöjd,  behind becomes a starry sky at night. Which is exactly what the painting from Vincent van Gogh is called that noone, not even Johan for whom I created the room knows has been my inspiration. When it was clear to me what colors and style Johan really wanted if he could decide made me think of this painting called Starry sky.

Starry sky painted by Vincent van Gogh.

Why a tidy bed style ? Bed set in blue hues, Himla.
Instead of. I had MDF platforms built and painted black and the mattress set upon it.
The wallpaper looking like metal does it. Creating the cool, comfy intimate bed space doing the job of a headboard and then some. MrPerswall has several types of metal wall paper.

A pattern. Not a whole wall, not even a half. Just ONE painted arrow.

LOW lighting. Never making the eye uncomfortable. Lounge living. 2 beds several possibilities. Use them for sleeping. As sofas. As hang out. They should never be made perfectly. It ruins the style. Disorder the order.

The only way is up!

A skateboard. A shelf. A feeling. A lifestyle. Pillows,  Interstil with a message.