S H A D E S | of grey

Soft grey paneling along with a patchwork of grey tiles letting the white just be the frame. This is ideal for a hallway.The 30´s hooks were saved by the family to be used one day. 

This is the hallway of the family in our  5th  episode of Husräddarna, tv3. This type of paneling being a traditional and love/hate type of wall covering in Sweden. Some decades more and next less of it´s type. I must say it has come to be a favorite and especially when painted grey and not white which was how it has been done, mostly in summer houses. Here is an entrance hallway in shades of grey. 
Welcome in. 


Stand up mirror that gives the look that it´s just leaning, but is well attached to the wall, Asplund. A typical apartment building type of funcionalism letter sign , Byggfabriken.

The reflection shows the built in benches that holds storage if you lift the lid. The shelf on top contrasting but taking up a hue that you find in the kitchen. A wonderful flowery shopping bag so you don´t need any plastic  ones, Ceannis