Spanish influence

 Window shutters old or new in all shapes, sizes and colors I love. They also make for a wonderful partition for any room if you just connect three together with some hinges.

Above a flowering cactus, never seen such flowers before. Beautiful!

Below a white house with a very green tiled door frame which just got to me. Brick closest to the door and a frame of green handmade tile around it. The door frame really stood out on this white house.

The Spanish influence is from my travels this summer. Love seeing new ways of doing things I thought I knew all about. So inspiring to experience. What about the butterfly?

With this I bid you a very good weekend my Dears

/ Jimmy

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me and alice sa...

Härlig inspiration Jimmy!
Älskar den gröna färgen.

Jag går också igång på coola plåtdörrar, balla papperskorgar eller klottrade väggar. Så snyggt!
kram Susanne