Dear Diary

Last week I shot a lovely home with Photographer Per Magnus Persson, where the backyard had this wonderful darkgreen and brown bricks. Me like :)

We shoot in a home set in a old school house. So nice!! - Would love one for me and Francisco. 
Went to look at an old INN (sadly converted into condos) that was for sale, but it was so badly renovated inside it would cost more to change it all. There were also tenants that complicated it all to much.  The building itself was magnificent though.

Been to look at a old church house that would be just amazing as a HOME. Me and Francisco made a bid for it that the owner did not go for. There is no running water and no kitchen but it would be wonderful if made into a home.  

Since I´ve been a lazy blogger I wanted you all to know what I did last week apart from Formex. Therefore my Dear Diary headline. 

/ Jimmy 

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