Formex finds

Old bottles can be very useful :)

The idea is to recycle

My favorite the cucumber jar as a candle. The bottom of the jar is cut and the sharp edges made soft and in with the scented candle. Voila !

The candle on foot which will be a gourgeous wine glass when the candle has given all of its natural scent.

The bottom on the winebottle looks this handsome with a candle inside. Wash it out after the candle has burned down and you have a beutiful bowl for you tea candles or as a drinking glass perhaps. 
Love when we can use it all. Purpose. Purpose. Purpose. Thank you :)

At Swedish fair Formex in Älvsjö, Stockholm 
I found the Munio CAN DE LA. 
They are company founded in Riga, Latvija. In my opinion they do everything we all want to do. They produce high end, smart and handsome things from old stuff we all throw away.

Love it !! 
-old wine bottles becomes candle holders and candle holders on foot that doubles as a wine glass, when you have enjoyed your natural scented candle. 
The old cucumber glass jars become the big candles with three wicks that I adore. Want one now!! Check out the wicked wicks they use. It´s a wooden version of a wick. 
This is certainly a Jimmy loves type of candle :) What do you think of it ? 
Will get back to you on the Formex I like and more..

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