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Yoko Ono Wishing Tree

Swings just waiting for you.

THREE huge red balls are stuck or hung high up in the trees. If you want to know which artist came up with this concept you can check out WANÅS KONST website here 

Art in the park at Wanås Castle is an experience that gives so much back that I will go every year and more than once. 

Open all year you can go whenever it is the right time for you. The surroundings are so beautiful in itself that would be enough for a sight seeing to see the Castle and the surrounding nature. 
Added to that is art at an international level that gives so much to the historic park that you are that there is nothing to compare it with. 
It is unique. 

Just GO and you will see for your self. Here is my recollection of my art&nature experience in pictures.

Wanås Castle

Jeppe Hein Modified Social bench

What do you think?

Robert Wilson/A house for Edwin Denby made Terry our bordercollie very curious, because there were voices inside the building, and those voices were not the only one heard in the forest...

Jacob Dahlgren/Primary Structure

Sissel Tolaas/Terra Maximus

Mary Sibande/Let slip the dogs of war

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