P L A Y | ful summer house

Right inside the door all the favorite activities of summer life is right at hand.

The special crab fishing bucket has a lid with air holes and speaks french (if spoken to) due to it being almost a French antique that made me jump with joy as I found it. It was just right for this family.  

The summer house was the families project for many years. RENOVATING. Doing all they could themselves. When the house burnt down they felt like their efforts for years were for nothing. Husräddarna, TV3 rebuilt the house in the spirit and feel interior and exterior wise of the outgoing summer activated family that inhabit this abode once again

Welcome home!


Decorating with playful usefulness.

Time for badminton.

50´s design around the table in Eames DSW chairs, Vitra. Bespoke rustic round table diam. 140 cm seats 6 comfortably, Lövsjö Loghouse

The cable drum became both kitchen lamp, shelf and deco.

Useful artistic wall. Lemon, Johanna Hedlund Art.

Cable drum light made with 6 yellow painted Ikea table lamps. First ever sail type of curtain I´ve come up with.

The tray table was a net find that I set with the copy of the old recovered  Island map of  Råssö where the summer house is located. The same type of map was a dear belonging that was lost in the fire.

Graphic wall from top, Ylva Skarp, Forestbird, Johanna Hedlund Art. Set on the traytable, Ylva Skarp.

Yes. It´s a rock and seaweed in the vase with rope handle, Interstil.

The hanging chair corner complete with floor cushion, Swedish Rags and the beautiful hemp carpet, Armadillo.

Curiosity, Ylva Skarp, found in the corner of the ceiling.Red cushion, Mimou. 

Sarah Widman 8. Rope lanterns, Interstil.

The blue pendant lamp, Northern Lighting, matches the over 100 year old child wooden chair.

Green pallets made the foundation of the sofa that with back cushions and a bespoke enormous seat cushion from Swedish Rags, made it possible for the whole family to hang out stylish and extremely comfortably. Wall canvas, Photowall which is the same wallpaper that you find on the closet sliding door by the door. Lovely printed and black/white cushions,Mimou

Floor lamp, Northern Lighting. Sofa seat and matching cushions, Swedish Rags.

Hemp carpet, Armadillo.

Pendant lamps, Northern Lighting.

Bespoke cutting boards that slide on the kitchen top, Lövsjö Loghouse. Notice board and wall-lamp, Northern Lighting. 

Letter candles from Terrible Twins. The 50´s magazine on the 50´s teak table were a auction find along with the tray tables and all teak furniture. A mix of old and new makes a home. Don´t you think

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