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For me to get over to Copenhagen is always a treat. With the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark it has become really easy to travel over Öresund. Living 40 min by car from the Danish capitol I go both for work and pleasure.

This house epitomizes the historic parts of Copenhagen like Christianshavn which is were I´m at today. 

When I got the adress I just smiled. It could not be more Danish. Love it.

Overgaden nedan Vandet 33, 
2nd floor
1414 Copenhagen K, Denmark

The place is called The Apartment and please note that it is located on the 2nd floor so you do not, like me, look for it at street level. You make an appointment or call the doorbell and is ushered up. The entrance to the 18th century house has the most beautiful staircase.

When you come in, this lovely view is what you see. The 18th century gorgeous and large apartment is decorated like a tasteful home, (not like a store) with a collection of 20th century furniture and art and all is for sale off course.

This Kare Klint Cuban leather seat just like this. Worn&wonderful is a piece of furniture that I wanted for myself for a long time. Classic cool that never goes out of style. LOVE!

Everything you find at the Apartment is found with price and description on their
inventory on their website.
and can be shipped all over the world. 

Art and furniture in harmony. This Patricia Urquiola sofa designed for Moroso is very inviting in this fabric.

The Apartment not only sells furniture and art they also offer individually designed interiors both for private homes and comercial spaces. 

A botanical cupboard signed Josef Frank (from the 30´s) that worked alongside Estrid Ericson at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm.

Even the backyard at The Apartment has beauty to share.
What a treat is was to see this place. Check it out yourself when you get to wonderful wonderful Copenhagen. 


The Apartment is located right by the canals in Christanshavn.

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