S U M M E R palette JS HEM

Whites to beige to earthy tones Qail eggs being all of that along with staines of black. 

As August with summer vacation for most begins tomorrow the summer palette is a backdrop for all of the beauty this time of year presents in color and form in nature. The flora has all the color so the summer palette for the indoor&outdoor interiors does not need it.  The case/pouch/pocket for kitchen utensils to bring on the picnic or to hang on the wall is from Dutch company www.sukha-amsterdam.nl and the bathtub that looks like the most comfortable easy chair from the same creative country at www.houseofthol.nl has a new form needed by all of us. The wooden skelleton being the construction and the color as well as the charm. The shape being the key. Roundness needed in this time of straight line effectivity.  The qail egg has it all. The roundness. The fragility and more expressions of whites, beige to earthy tones and with staines of black. Natures wonder.

Brown leather with stone colors at the beach conected to worn wooden surfaces.

Stones on the beach with the same tones as the quail egg + grey. The stone material being important as well. Flint stone also bringing the grey tones that fit so well with the beige and brown and that complement the natural tone that leather can get. The Peña Flint house being the best example of using the stone palette.
The Les Arcs chair seen above that Madame Perriand designed is a true favorite. She gave her life accomplishments to Le Corbusier - Charles-Édouard Jeanneret - and his achivements and is now getting more recognition for her own - just as many times before behind a successful man between 1903-1999 was a creative woman.

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