J U L Y cement diy

Bottle vase photo from Vt wonen

PET bottle or plastic bottles of the kind you like can be used as a mold to create cool vases. Either cut of the top of the bottle and poure in the cement of choice or cut the bottom off and poure the cement in with the bottle set upside down in a glass for ex. 

What you need is to use a large screw or a glass tube or something creative to stick down the top end in the cement so that there will be a hole made for the water and place for a single flower or twig of choice. 

Seal the bottle so that the cement, that should be of a fine sort, that dries fast and then after a 24 hours you gently cut the plastic bottle away and  and take out the object of choice to make the water hole and you let it dry again out of the plastic. 

Voilá - you got a heavy, cool vase!

/ Jimmy 

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