J U L Y diy P O N D project

If you want to create a fish pond in your garden you can. Just reading about it online gives you all the info you need. We did it at home at the Stable and we are no pro´s at this. This is how we did it : 

Digging is how you start!

The location of the pond was set for a long time. Now the digging was what we needed to do and not talk about it. Just go to work so to say.  And so we did. The somewhat archeological digging mostly with finds of old wallpaper, brick and rusted pluming went on for a couple of days. A very good workout I must say!

Next came the plastic invasion after seeing to that no sharp objects can go through and laying sand where it was needed. All to make sure the plastic would not get any holes. Covering all we wanted to be the future watering hole of our Stable.

Placing the heavy stones and large and small rocks in the formation that looks good and so they stay in place was the way to go and went pretty quickly and was fun. 

The hard part was getting all the material home. Mostly we used www.blocket.se and went and picked up what others discarded and added to our stone collection. 

We also picked up several car trailers full of stones from friends who were building. Everywhere we could find them we went to get them.

Pumping up water from our well a few meters below worked!

 First pump we bought to get the water from  our own well three meters below in a lower part of the garden and 15 meters away from the pond did now work at all...

It said it had the power for it but did not. So - we just had to go back to the store and get a new one.

Pump number two did just the right job. So now there is water in the pond!

Terry telling us that working on the pond is utterly boring.

A sail helps with shadow and gives the sense of a roof

The reflection of light at night and the sense of water surrounding the Stable.

Now this is where the evenings are spent.

The seating that surrounds the pond.

The water mirror changes the house in the very best way. 

After digging and putting and placing sand and material underneath needed - then placing the rubber in so that the stones can be put in place after which you can pump in water you feel like a miracle worker to alternate the karma of your own piece of land in this wonderful way. 

The koi and goldfish makes the pond come alive in the most amazing way.

Everyone likes the pond for their own reason.

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