T E X T I L E - F O R M - EX- travaganza


Spring greeting us at the entrance of Formex Stockholm made  possible by Blomsterfrämjandet.

Formex is the bi annual fair in Sweden dealing with all the smaller objects that is not exhibited at the
Furniture Fair, at least that´s the thought. 

The truth is there are quite many who exhibit at both fairs due to them having both larger and smaller objects in their interior collection. 

Formex also deals with food producers such as chocolate and liqourice which to me is the wrong venue for, but many interior stores want to sell such items. 

I will NOT tell you about all the interior news that there off course are an abundance of. I WILL tell you what I think is a noticeble tendency at this January 2015 in Stockholm Formex.


After the reign of eternal white and beige. We have reached a change.  Yeah!!!
COLOR in textile is overwhelming at Formex. 

It was a true feeling of Textile Form Extravaganza in my way of seeing the fair this year. 
Scandinavia has been over all, if you generalize, paralyzed with white, beige and grey. 
Not any more. 

Now there is COLOR all over. Making me truly happy since no one will forget white and beige, but we seem to have forgotten how much  vibrant colors has impact over our lives in our darkness in winter. 

Coming to Formex and being overwhelmed in a very positve way with yellow, pink, green and orange hues it made a great impact on me.

Linum with a sunny citrus yellow runner as well as the Swedish flag colors of the midsummer feel styling of the dinner table below. Green incorporated with plants and flowers all over makes it all come alive.

A forerunner in daring to use color on a everyday basis is Teresa Lundahl of Mateus ceramics.
With her plates of yellow and green that stood out against all of the white tableware she has stood her ground and won everyone´s attention by sticking to her color mantra.

 Working as a stylist with a TV food program over 15 years ago I found her plates irresistible and so did all the viewers watching the show. They called in asking where the cool colored large hand painted plates could be found. 

Mateus is nowadays represented in more countries in the world than I can remember so I can only congratulate this extraordinary entrepreneur to her success. The ceramics in the coral colored picture above is part of the new collection and the textiles making it a perfect combo is from  daughter Filippa Lundahl that has created a collection of home textiles with pattern,style and lots of color with the name Fillie. 

I must congratulate the family duo on their perfect harmony in their interior style and the table setting making you feel like you are having a dinner in the Caribbean. That is what great interior can do. Transport you to where ever you like, still comfortably seated in your own home. 

Himla presented colorfully and this blu/turqoise is my favorite. Notice plates. If you still like to go with white and beige flowers of color will provide you with the energy needed to make our home come alive.

These hanging wool throws from Foxford just make want to have one in each color along with the How kudd you pillows that match so well. Change the feeling of your living room with accessories.

Odd Molly Home Collection with all the romantic patterns and soft hues of pink that along with the textile forest ( below ) made a very colorful impression.

Tell me more interiors

There are so many bed linen that looks amazingly wrinkly and relaxed that I wanted to have them all. Colorful glass lantern, concrete and bed linen from Gothenburg based Tell me more

This is how I try to blend in at Formex color textile Extravaganza with my very green linen jacket from Nyström Persia

Lamps below not with so much color but textile hanging lamps such that I think there will be much more of.


Had the chance to meet&greet the King of TV interiors in Sweden Mr Ernst Kirchsteiger. 
My mother will be very jealous!


Gripsholm showing great style in choosing our Soomkai lamp in their display. - Thank you!

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