The press and VIP lounge at the #northmodern Interior Fair in Copenhagen last week was created by Malene Birger. With a true eclectic cosmopolitan style along with her own brand Birger1962 this lounge is what gave me so much inspiration. From only white walls and a cement flooring Malene Birger made an interior that makes you see so much of the world with every new angle. It takes an experienced eye and knowledge and style to make so much of so little. Thank you for the inspiration Malene Birger. 

Table lamp from Birger1962

Wine and food were offered on the large wooden table with a mix of Eames and Panton chairs.

Moroccan inspiration

Black&white scented candles on the shelf all from Birger1962

Table lamp Palm Springs from Birger1962

You see one end of the room along with the high ceilings of Bella Center.

Mixing patterns

Love the wooden sculpture on the table.

Seat fit the queen of interiors

Can not have enough of the simplistic over sized canvases.

Guitar case that I wanted to steal...

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