BLUE HUES and GOLDEN detailing is what my favorite magazine VT wonen says 2015 will bring among other things in this picture

 INTERIOR  T R E N D S  2015

All FASHIONISTAS  and INTERIORISTAS look at trends - especially when a new year starts. Are you a   INTERIORISTA ?    -   I am for sure! I love interiors  and all that makes a home a real home to me.
So what are trends ? According to dictionaries  T R E N D S  are :

1. A general tendency or course of events: a warming trend. 
2. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion or interiors
3. The general direction of something: the river's southern trend.
Trends to me are generally uninteresting when I create an interior. But (and we do like those...)  when looking at news and what the season has to offer that is new on the interior and furniture horizon it can be informative and fun to know what the media think is of interest. 
Since you know ALL that is new is never reported. Reported from the production of interior companies are what the media is made aware of. What is served in front of them. 
It´s not like there is a thorough investigation of all that is present and then there is a thesis.

What is served best at the fairs is what is reported mostly. 
What is reported is then called the T R E N D S if they match what the gurus have indicated before. In Sweden one of the Guru´s of interiors is Li Edelkoort. Most so called trend setters listen to her and then decide what they think they should go for. I listened to Li Edelkoort's prediction of the trend for summer of 2015  a in Sept of 2014.

So I ask myself what I think the trends are this summer and fall out of all the trends, which one will prevail and for Sweden trends that contain blue has always been popular. Luckily trends are so varied in our different cultures. The trends of Stockholm is not the same as London as we all know, which makes it all more interesting I think. 

Next week in Sweden we have Formex in Stockholm. I will visit Northmodern in Copenhagen, Denmark later and after that the Furniture Fair in Stockholm and so on. In Paris there is the Maison Object that deals with the same area as FORMEX and in Frankfurt and London offcorse are more Fairs letting us know the news of the interior world.  

I do believe like many interior magazines that blue hues from dark jeans blue to turquoise will be of great interest this year and I really like the mix of gold in that color sector. A fun mix of material from rough to polished.  Must say that gold is a color and feeling I seldom use but golden type of metals are really trendy so gold may very well be the next need. 
Sweeds are generally not so much into gold in my opinion but therefor it´s even more interesting in my way of thinking. 
Here are some ways of incorporating blue hues in the way I see as easy to add if you fall for the new blue hues : 

Light blue worn cupboard from RAJA that you find online. This interior done for the TV3 production of Husräddarna.  

 All the green that works so well with the blue colors are good to have in mind.

 Stripes of many different blue in a wallpaper.

Carpets must be the easiest way of incorporating a new hue of blue to your home.

 BLUE hue for baby or children´s room.  Making your own clock. Playwood can easily be painted and cut into shape. Clocks found at DIY stores and then add ready made stickers.

A photo of blue skies or art introduces blue hues easily. 

Loved by all are the blue hues of jeans. Make pillows out of your old jeans. R E U S E. Curtains or a table cloth. 

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