Final Stable update

FINALLY we found the right place for what I learned was a device to hang bottles to dry. 
We use it as a hanger. Special hook deluxe!

You also see a some of my summer photo project that I will tell more about later...

Miss P got puppies!!! What a wonderful day!! HURRA (as we say in Sweden) 

 She feels good and the puppies are adorable. See all my puppy pics at Instagram #terryplutten also know that JS HEM is found on #jimmyschonninghem

Loving the yellow shelves. So refreshing with the colors we have chosen for the Stable.
If feels like a new start. 

The outdoor seating/table/catwalk/....

All the DemiJohns found their corner. So nice to have them gathered again. 

The sidetable we built for the kitchen got the yellow fever as well and the former hatch from the shed is now art on the wall. Life is good!

We had this door and the whole fence surrounding the garden built this spring. Already it looks like it has been here a long time. 

Out of the last planks from the shed we made a sidetable on wheels. The low metal cart on wheels is on of those from the supermarket large trolleys used to load merchandise. Love the look of these planks and that they are such good wood with that flaky paint exterior.

This is how it turned out. Our mobile computer and sound station. 
The insane seat by  www.nystrompersia.se.

Must say I´m really happy with all this colors that come together so well. We have created a small cuban cottage feel in our home.

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