Danish Design Delivers

All of this is not new for the season but all of it is great design and that is what matters. 
Will continue this story next week as well.

I already love the wall hanger/knob/decoratio from Muuto.  
Now you find them in more colors. 
The coffey press is new.

Here is my visual diary from the Design Days in Copenhagen. It is time to tell all on these my favorites from the fair at Bella Center and not only the pictures I´ve been leaking out via Instagram #jimmyschonninghem 

Bella Center in the outskirts of Copenhagen takes only 40 min to drive from my house. 

Menuworld  table and stool in one. You turn the top into a tray when turned to table.

Menuworld daybed is now in my book of design classics.

 Menyworld bottled up.

 Three legged beauty from Menuworld as well.

First Note Design Studio created this wall mounted candle holder
Now this, my  new favorite,  the table version of the same as well from Menyworld. 

EO Elements Optimal new ballon mirror creates a birthdayparty feel right away. 
- Like Mr Williams said - Because I´m happy!

Applicata that does wood work has created this light. 

Finnsdottir sculptural form vases and now the candle holders 

Ferm Living new sleek series for smart spaces.

The hanging pots are a true 
favorite from Ferm.

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