Danish Design Delivers Part 2
A log division. These divided logs were used as seats. Cool design!

I know we will see more of these easy chairs from Norr 11

A sturdy type of log lamp. From the_oak_men

Light installation that must be heavy. Called Flashbulb memories by Thora Finnsdottir

Piassava chair and still life below from Christian Andersen at CFFLM

Muubs have both the amazingly beautyful brass bathtub below and this basket above.
Can you have too many baskets?

Plant deco I fell for. More stems than greenery can be beautiful.

Pocket organizer from Norman Copenhagen

Nordstjerne pillows with that batik feel that is just right.

Green hues are being spotted everywhere and all over making me really happy!

All above seen at the Design Days at Bella Center and I will come back and tell even more. Danish Design Delivers!

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