Stable update summertime

First we completed the fence that  framed the area outside the entrance towards the parking at the Stable. What a big difference it made! The seating that we had  built along the sides, was such a true succses. The dogs as much as us love it. Whenever we have people over we now always sit here. It has been a great summer so far, that also helps! 

So happy we let this wooden idea grow as we built it. We got the idea of the seating as we had finished the fence. The seating in the corners with room for the large rosty planting pots with the bamboo looks great and offers shade for the dogs. 

The round maple looks more amazing now as it´s been framed by the fence.  

Miss P loves to lay here. She did lay here the entire time as we built the sunbeds along the side of the Stable wall. 

The framing of the outdoor space has made it into a room. Try it at home.I recommend it!

We felt we could not have enough seating, so we continued and completed the U shaped seating with a broad ( about 130 cm wide) sunbed kind of seating. We left room for the rose to bloom and grow in the middle. The most wonderful part of buying a old house and buildings are that the garden already contains all the plants you wish for and its just to frame them in the best way.

We have an abundance of elder trees on our premises and therefore flowers to make the best lemonade in the world according to me. Elder flower lemonade with lots of lemons and not to much sugar. 

A strong yellow tone made an unforgettable  impact on us and we painted beams, shelves and sideboard. It shines so much like the sun. What a happy color! NCS 0570-Y The Stable is the first home that I share the making of interior and exterior wise. It is extremely fun and sometimes very irritating.

Missy sat on the roof. 

Now it could not have turned out better! We use it everyday, morning, evening and night time.

The demi johns found the perfect spot. 

A pot for water plants I wanted to have for a long time. 

Out with pillows of all kinds!  For our midsummer celebration all our guest had seating without problem. Perfect!  

So happy with this outdoor room seating. Could not have turned out better.

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