HR 2014 Episode 5

In the hallway you see the cord on the floor from our lamps for the shoot we are doing for the reveal in the show, and off course the blue old patinated cupboard found at Raja.

Yeah! It is a little stairway for cats...AND their cats loved it!

Sofa of the modular type from Bolia.com. The black bamboo chair from Inreda.com
along with the two small round tables.  

The blue carpet in this part of the open plan is the color statement that makes the difference.Find carpets at Carpetvista.

The open plan dining&living room for HR nr 5 the Schumacher family. The kitchen table made specially along with the sidetable from Lövsjö Loghouse

Fruit and muffins displayed in handmade black ceramics you find at www.karott.se

 Black mugs from Karott and lettermugs from Inreda.com aswell as wall plates below.

 The chandelier and the wall candle lights are family herilooms that were saved and restored that I gladly incorporated in the new design of the open  plan. 

The small side table matches perfectly with the large kitchen table and therefor works as a prolongation of the table when needed for large dinner parties.

HR = Husräddarna THURSDAYS at 20.00 TV3 

If you share any of my pictures - always tell where you found them.

Thank you


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