HR Teenage Soccer room

Graffitti pillow from photographer Jessika Jarl www.ifmywallscouldtalk.com

HR 2 2014 Teenager gets room 4 ball. 
Soccer that is. So we made a display for them.

A must was more bedspace than just one bed but no bunk beds. So - the sofa folds out to a bed and there is a extra bed under the bed.  The colors grey, black and blue was a must so they form stripes painted in a non traditional way I´m very pleased with. 

Most happy I´m with the soccer field we painted in the ceiling. Ceilings have a right to creativity to! Don´t you think ? 

   HR = HUSRÄDDARNA 20.00, TV3

Please share my ideas and pictures, but ALWAYS state clearly where they came from. Thank you!

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