Stablewindows at Hoby Mosse

Yes there are chickens on this minifarm. Fresh eggs are a delight!

Loving this app i found in my iphone called My messures and using it right now as I take a picture of the window to be able to send the meassurements and the picture so I can get the new window you see on the bottom that we put in the bathroom  instead of the door that was there.

Apple blossom. Apple blossom. Apple blossom. The scents of summer  in pictures of flowers.

Lilacs are my favorite scent. It tells you summer is coming. We had so many different colors around the garden.

Bergenia said hello in springtime. 
It´s so lovely to move into a house that already has so much to give.

This is the rose arch when it was in full bloom. 

This is how the window turned out in a new and updated version for the Stable at Hoby Mosse. Wanted to keep black windows but it was just tooo expensive. So to stay with the budget, got white ones and will paint a black frame around the windows instead the white one that the Stable has now, check them out on the pic on top. One of the entrances from the backyard in to the Stable need to become a window instead. The bathroom will hold that window when we are done.

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